How can 2D paper have anything to do with Building Information Modeling?   


Oftentimes forgotten in a 3D-4D-5D world, 2D drawing sets are still at the heart of the process.  And identifying and organizing the changes in these drawing sets is imperative, because contractually, these drawings serve as the official record of the project.


In many BIM-authoring applications for construction modeling, you can quickly create model elements by tracing over and snapping to the drawings.  So you can see that it's critical for these drawings be correct for the model to be accurate if you choose to use this tracing and snapping method.


How many hours have you peered over the light table looking for changes in drawing sets?  Or, more importantly, how much did the change that you missed cost the project in terms of time and money?  How can you concentrate on prioritizing the changes to the drawing sets when you can't even locate the change amidst the piles of drawings?  And when changes are being submitted fast and furiously at the eleventh hour, how can you and your team keep track and properly assign RFIs?  This problem compounds itself when RFIs are promoted to Change Orders and Change Orders are prioritized for resolution.


For example, can you tell the difference between these two sheets of stamps?  What if we told you there was a change, ever so slight, that would cost $300,000?  That's the very same issue many GCs and Subs run up against when they receive new drawing sets.


automatic drawing comparison 

Caption: The change is on the right-hand-side panel.  One stamp was accidentally printed upside-down.  Learn more about the "Inverted Jenny" at wikipedia. 


Vico has developed construction software to automatically collate and compare thousands of drawing sets.  And as equally as important as locating changes, Doc Set Manager also identifies which sheets are missing.  In fact, several Owners have mandated the use of Doc Set Manager on large projects as a lean construction technique to avoid wasting time looking for missing sheets.  Now all the drawing sets can be loaded to the Document Registry and all project stakeholders can sign off on the complete set.


If you don't have the time or manpower to inspect every drawing and compare it to the prior version during Preconstruction, you can hire Vico Services to perform a 2D Changes Report at a very competitive price per sheet.


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