A pre-construction mock-up is a full-size representation of the proposed design, and is usually built before the design is completed in order to study proposed construction details, test for performance, and clarify the appearance of the final structure. Physical pre-construction mock-ups, by their nature, are time consuming, costly, and are limited to one design alternative with only minor variations.

By creating 3D virtual mock-ups of complex parts of your project, you can quickly analyze design alternatives, save time, reduce risk, and solve design and constructability issues in advance of construction.

Vico virtual construction experts will build a highly-detailed virtual mock-up of selected parts of your project and provide you with a set of renderings, 3D animations, and a constructability report.


 Based on your virtual mock-up, you can also choose to expand the analysis to:

• Assess the impact on the design of changing finish materials and colors

• A 4D sequencing simulation

• Analyze environmental performance

• Obtain highly accurate quantities and cost estimates

 Virtual mock-up includes a set of renderings, 3D animations, and a constructability report


Virtual mock-up of the “rotunda” steel structure.

St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital, California.


Virtual mock-ups cost less than physical mock-ups


Virtual mock-up of the building façade (left). Physical mock-up of the building façade.

St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital, California. 


Coordination of constructability issues and clashes


Constructability Issues


For an in-depth conversation about the project profiled above with photographs and screen captures, please view the St. Joseph Mission Hospital recorded webinar.  Hear directly from the Owner how the virtual mock-up process works, what the project team discovered, and how the complicated design was resolved.


To read more about the virtual-mock up process and determine whether it might be appropriate for your projects, please read the Mission Hospital Virtual Mock-Up case study.  This paper highlights the cost and time savings St. Joseph Health System realized after halting construction to address a particular glass curtain wall, steel exoskeleton, and fireproofing intersection. 


For a completely different use of virtual mock ups, please hop over to the Vico Guest Blog to read about real-time modeling and in-wall coordination involving doctors and nurses at a cancer care center.


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