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You don't have to join a secret club, know the lingo, or understand the shorthand.  It really is just plain fun.  It's good to be Vico in 140 characters or less!


Here are some of the ideas we’ve been bantering about…in 140 characters or less:


What are the levels of detail associated with the Model Progression Specification? Video tutorial >>


What kind of BIM do you do?


How can 2D paper have anything to do with BIM? << What is 2D BIM?


What can you do with a BIM model after you've built it?


How do quantities by location, resources, & productivity rates come together in construction scheduling?


5D BIM is a new way for GCs to work with Owners with cost-loaded schedules and target costs.


How is coordination different than clash detection? And how can GCs do better...even 40% faster?


How do you use the quantities from a #BIM model to derive a scientific construction schedule?


Tie quantities from #BIM model to your estimating database to create a dynamic cost-loaded model.


How does Flowline Scheduling compare to traditional CPM?


What's the difference between cost planning and estimating when you're doing #BIM?


BIM deliverables in every flavor: ArchiCAD, Tekla, Revit, even CAD-Duct >


Location-based management systems are all about preserving #construction work crew productivity rates.


Make certain lean techniques are a part of your 5D BIM technology roadmap. >>


Revit files publish to Vico Office for a construction-caliber quantity takeoff, 4D schedule, and 5D estimate >


All #BIM Models are not created equally >> << what is your end-goal for modeling in the first place?


Ramp up your team to full 5D BIM capabilities overnight with Vico's Professional Services >>


Check out these great virtual construction projects from around the world >>


What happens to the estimating process when a BIM model is introduced? >>


Budget transparency is key to Owners > < get this by linking the conceptual estimate to the MPS in #BIM projects


BIM modeling team on retainer? Updates for new drawing sets? 4D schedules? 5D estimates? < outsourced BIM services


What information should the estimator and scheduler provide at each BIM model level of detail?


How should a coordinated set of BIM models feed quantities to the schedule and estimate?


Did you know you can use virtual construction to determine fault in a building project litigation case?


Schedule compression ROI case studies for Owners: << Vico co-founder expands upon recent AGC BIM Forum ROI debate


5D BIM is powered by 3D geometry, derived construction-caliber quantities, and iterative cost plans based on LOD >


Do we need BIM certification like the SATs to weed out the BIM-Washers from "the genuine article"?


Would you risk #BIM in a hard bid (eat the upfront cost, produce a useable model in 3-5 weeks)?


Great case study on the use of virtual mock ups to help doctors/nurses better design care facilities >