Vico Office Unplugged

Co-Founders Offer Candid Discussion of Construction Market and 5D BIM


Boulder, CO - September 1, 2009 - Three stools - one stage.  No, it's not a Behind the Music special about your favorite 80's hair band who spent the last decade in rehab and emerged flabby and bald.  It's Vico Office Unplugged.


Join Vico co-founders as they candidly discuss the last five years of the construction market, where we see the market heading, and the technology and methodology we're bringing to the table.


What:  Fridays with Vico Presents Vico Office Unplugged 
When:  Friday, October 2 @ 12 Noon Eastern 
Where:  A free online webinar 
Why:  A blunt discussion about 5D BIM and the commercial construction market 
How:  Register Today  


Here's your chance to ask Vico executives anything.  No question is out of bounds and we'll take the software off-road, too.


Discuss with Mark Sawyer, President and CEO, how the market contraction is impacting GCs and CMs around the world and what Vico is doing to respond, both with service offerings and software applications.  Is the time right to migrate estimating and scheduling practices from paper to model-based exercises?  How can BIM be applicable in hard bid situations when the turn-around time is so tight?  And how can we partner more closely with both Designers and GC's?


Clay Freeman, Chief Product Officer, will explain the evolution of Vico Office and how the idea of the first integrated construction management solution came to fruition.  Clay will open up the software and walk through the integrated modules of Vico Office.  We'll see why certain components had to be invented to match the work flow of a project team and how the solution is able to keep up with constant design change.  Clay will also compare and contrast Vico Office with "glue-ware," software that can perform a task once but then must be completely rebuilt to accommodate change.


As Owners become more BIM-savvy, it's important that GCs deliver more transparency to the building process.  No one understands this better than Don Henrich, EVP of Sales and Marketing.  He's witnessed the industry begin to migrate to cooperative and collaborative practices and then retreat to Hard Bid and he's participated in successful, progressive projects.  We'll discuss with Don what Owners want most from their partners, the challenges many firms continue to face, as well as his advice for GCs just getting started with BIM.  Don will propose a roadmap for 5D that challenges design teams and GCs to move beyond modeling.


We hope that this unrehearsed discussion delivers the ideas and insights you're looking for.  We have been developing the groundwork for Vico Office for just over five years now, partnering with the most innovative GCs around the globe to deliver real-world solutions.  Now that we're ready to reveal the complete 5D solution, we want to share with you the blood, sweat, and tears (another band, but no affiliation to Vico) that went into it. 


Come with your hard-hitting questions.  We'll answer everything off the cuff and share the stories behind Vico Office.  We promise no singing.


At every Fridays with Vico webinar, we're sure to leave plenty of time for Questions and Answers.  Without exception, the questions from the audience challenge us to do a better job explaining our product, our positioning, our core competencies.


We expect no less at this Unplugged Webinar! 



Does BIM work with Hard Bids?  What has been your experience?  Are you able to pull together a detailed BIM in less than three weeks?   Or are Owners simply putting the screws to the market, knowing full well what to expect with commodity prices and hungry contractors?


What's the difference between Cost Planning and Estimating?  And why does Vico believe there is such a difference as to create three integrated products to handle the complexity?  Do we really expect General Contractors to consider Vico Office in place of industry stalwarts like Timberline?


What's the difference between Glue-Ware and Leveraged Integration?  So often in the market we see applications that need to be linked to the model instead of derived from the model.  Does it make a difference in workflow efficiencies, or is it an easier approach to getting more from a BIM?  Why does Vico parse the workflow with modules - what's the rationale behind this integration?


How many Owners want BIM?  And how many just want to ensure that progressive companies are doing whatever it takes to get the project built on time and on budget?


How much weight do Owners give BIM in selecting a CM/GC?  Is it really a bragging right for Owners to have a model to show their peers, or is having a LEED-certified building more important now?


Vico is always interested in your questions and feedback and look forward to hearing from you during the Unplugged Webinar.  If for some reason you can't make the webinar, send your questions in now and we'll address them on the webinar and with you personally.




About the Fridays with Vico Webinar Program

Fridays with Vico is a free educational forum for General Contractors and Owners.  The series highlights best practices and case studies from customers, as well as showcases new product functionality and discusses industry trends.


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