Vico Office Training


Powering Your Team with 5D BIM



Making the investment in new virtual construction technology and methodologies requires process change, not just opening a box of software.


To make the most of the new functionality in Vico Office, we encourage project teams to register for hands-on training to fully understand how the 5D workflow shakes up the status quo.


We are happy to offer training courses at your facility or in our Boston office. Here are our guidelines for the training sessions: 

• The maximum number of trainees is five per session.

• The training laptops are supplied by Vico Software.

• Organizing training groups with similar skill levels is recommended.

• The included web-based follow-up assignment support session dates/times are to
   be confirmed by all participants at end of training. Changes to web sessions require
   coordination by company contact person.

• Follow-up assignment support sessions are recorded and made available by Vico
  Software; it is the trainee’s responsibility to review any missed sessions.

• Confirmed homework support sessions with no show by trainees are considered


3-Day Vico Office Introduction

This three-day training course covers the basics for BIM teams with a focus on coordination, scheduling, and estimating.


Day One

• Vico Introduction and Explanation of Concepts

• Demonstrations

• Hands-On: One Slab

• Publishing Models and Running Clash Detection

• Checking Quantity Takeoff

• Planning Cost

• Planning the Schedule


Day Two

• Manual Creation of Cost Plan with Add-Ons

• Comparing Versions adn Using References

• Using Takeoff Items and Location-Based Quantities

• Importing Data and Working with Targets

• Using Model-Based Quantity Input for the Cost Plan

• Defining Locations

• Customizing Cost Planner and Cost Plan Repotrs

• Using Vico Office to Provide Cost Input during Meetings

• Knowledge Review: Cost Planner


Day Three

• Defining Tasks and Mapping Cost Information

• Defining the Location Breakdown Structure

• Defining and Using Location Systems

• Defining the Schedule Plan

• Using Calendars

• Presentation and Review of Schedules

• Analyzing Rish and Cash Flow



2-Day Intermediate Schedule Planning Training

This two day training course covers intermediate topics for schedulers.  The prerequisite for this class is the 3-Day Vico Office Introduction Training.


Day One

• Production, Consumption, Model-Based Schedule Plan

• Flowline Layer Logic

• Optimizing Crews and Resources

• Optimizing a Schedule


Day Two

• Analyzing Risk

• Analyzing Cash Flow

• Knowledge applied to own project



1-Day Intermediate Production Controller Training

This one day course covers intermediate topics for schedulers, operations, and superintendents.  The prerequisite is the 3-Day Vico Office Introduction Training.


Day One

• Establishing the Knowledgebase Feedback Loop

• Using the Resource Calendar

• Micromanagement for Detail Tasks

• Planning Control Actions Proactively

• Using the Diary

• Using Custom Production Control Schedule Views



1-Day Advanced Cost Planning Training

This one day course covers advanced topics for estimators.  The prerequisite is the 3-Day Vico Office Introduction Training.


Day One

• Advanced Formula Editor Use

• Creating Cost Reports

• Creating Location-Based Quantity Cost Plans

• Using the MEPS Database

• Applying Progression Planning to the Estimate

• Using Vico Office to Provide Cost Input during Meetings



1-Day Advanced Schedule Planning

This one day course covers advanced topics for planners and schedulers.  The prerequisite classes include the 3-Day Vico Office Introduction Training and the Intermediate Schedule Planning Training.


Day One

• Location Grouping

• Using Project Templates

• Scheduling MEPS Work

• Procurement Planning



3-Day Vico Onsite Project Manager Training

Many firms elect to use a 5D Modeling Team to help them compete for more projects and then continually update the models as new information becomes available.  This training is designed for the one or two VDC Leaders who will be managing this team and their deliverables for both bids and live projects.  The prerequisite class in the 3-Day Vico Office Introduction Training.


Day One

• Vico's Structure, Products, and Best Practices

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Communication Tools

• Processes


Day Two

• Planning Projects

• Executing Projects

• Controlling Projects

• Evaluating Projects


Day Three

• Constructability Review

• Coordination Resolution


Training is only one step in the Vico methodology for creating a culture of VDC throughout your firm.  Please consider this overview of the Vico Customer Success Plan when making your decisions about BIM software and its rollout.


Caption: Some people think that buying a copy of Photoshop will make them a better digital photographer. Does owning a copy of Microsoft Word make you a better writer? Yet many construction executives believe that if they buy the requisite BIM software, they will become trusted VDC experts. But changing your firm's DNA involves serious process change which cannot be taught with simple software training. That's why Vico has developed the Customer Success Plan -- a one-year disciplined approach to make VDC part of your firm's culture.

The Customer Success Plan is divided into four major categories: consulting, training, mentoring, and support. These categories are arranged to help your firm meet your goals for BIM proficiency and mastery over the course of the next year. We also recommend a specific team structure for better cross-departmental and cross-company change. This video describes the challenges of VDC implementations and how to overcome them with a clear blueprint like the Vico Customer Success Plan.


For more information on Vico Office training for your team, please contact sales@vicosoftware.comWe look forward to working with your team!


We also offer a step-by-step guide to our 5D virtual construction workflow with video tutorials. These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality. You can access the video library index and view just what you need, or download the complete set of training videos.


For those travelling to Boston, here are the contact details for our trusted partners:


Dependable Limousine

+1 (781) 639-1020

Our sedan service to and from Logan Airport in Boston.

The cost is approximately $65 for a one way trip and we suggest you tip the driver $7-10.  When you call to make reservations, please be certain to have your flight details available.  They will ask you if you'd like to be dropped off/picked up at either The Hawthorne Hotel or the Vico office.


The Hawthorne Hotel

+1 (978) 744-4080

Our preferred hotel for guests visiting the Salem office.

The online reservation system is very easy to follow.  Simply head to their homepage and click the Reservations button.  When prompted, enter the special Vico code VICOREF, and you will receive our preferred rate.  (Rates are seasonal ranging from $109 USD in the winter to $169 in September/October.)


The Hawthorne Hotel is located just one-half mile from Vico's front door - and the walk is a straight shot along the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall...just follow the red painted line.


Salem Visitor Information

With Salem's seafaring, military, architectural, and cultural history, we offer the perfect family vacation destination!  (Not to mention those other nearby towns like Boston, Concord, and Lexington.)  Consider extending your stay with your family.