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BIM Day Out Australia

Posted by Holly Allison on Tue, Jul 09, 2013 @ 08:31 AM

What Are You Doing July 18-19?  Hopefully, you’re catching a flight to Perth, Australia, for an amazing line-up of BIM technologies and case studies!


Billed as a BIM festival, the organizers have collected the very best vendors, the very best practitioners, and a whole lot of fun programming.  Designed to be completely hands-on, the event will push past the everyday topics and dig into the real-world examples going on in Australia.


The BIM Day Out is hosted by the Central Institute of Technology Perth with access to their world class facilities.   There are four distinct streams, with morning and afternoon sessions, across the two days.  They are:

Basic BIM; a focus on the essentials to give attendees a good understanding of BIM and what it is and isn’t.

Advanced BIM; showcasing the future, what can be done, what is on the cutting edge of research, software, and education.

Practical BIM; Hands on Labs from Basic to Advanced levels presented by Specialist Industry experts

BIM Demo; Test drive the latest Software guided by Vendor gurus.


Be sure to put these sessions in your diary:

Tekla BIMsight

Thursday at 9:30am

The BIM Bunch – Meet Trimble Buildings

Thursday at 11:00am

Hands-On  Class – Vico Office

Thursday at 12:00 Noon

4D-5D: An Australian Case Study

Friday at 10:30am

Implementing True 4D BIM with 4 Hospital Case Studies

Friday at 11:30am


For those of you in Australia, be sure to purchase your tickets in advance.  And then get in touch with us to schedule a one-on-one session to learn more about Trimble Buildings and all our offerings.  You might also want to download the 5D BIM Checklist to review what’s possible today with the latest BIM capabilities.


If you're not able to travel this time around, be sure to catch up with these resources:

Webpage: Introducing Trimble Buildings for GCs and CMs

Webinar: Using Tekla Models in Vico Office

Webinar: Klorman Construction Case Study on the LAX Terminal Expansion with ROI

Webinar: 4 Hospital Case Studies featuring LBMS in Vico Office

Webinar: The 5D Workflow in Vico Office

Video: Vico Office Full-Length Presentation


BIM Day Out Australia Vico Office and Trimble Buildings

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