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See What's New in Vico Office 4.2

Posted by Holly Allison on Mon, Jul 08, 2013 @ 05:07 AM

Many of you were able to catch a sneak peek at What’s New in Vico Office 4.2 in the Tekla-Vico Workflow webinar at the end of June.  Now, as teams are coming back from a holiday break, we thought we would remind you to check with your License Administrator for the Vico Office 4.2 download link so you can get up and running with the latest functionality.


• Updated Publishers: Tekla Structures 19, Revit 2014, AutoCAD MEP 2014, and AutoCAD Architecture 2014 are supported by new Vico Office publishers!
• The Tekla publisher has been improved: you can now publish filtered views, which lets you only publish those parts of the model that have been completed; and we have added support for additional properties that are included in the publish operation.  The Model Organizer information is included in the publisher to make it easy to prepare your model for use in Vico Office.
• The Tekla activation options now include – among others – Assembly Name, Assembly Prefix and Part Name. Release 4.2 also contains support for user defined properties.
• For all BIM formats, we are introducing the ability to change the order in which properties are used to create Takeoff Items.
• We improved the Task Manager view: you can now filter and select multiple Assemblies and Components and set Task Driver (production rate) values for all selected items at once.
• On top of all of this, fixes and improvements related to 3D model loading, publishing, quantity takeoff and schedule planning have been included after incorporating customer feedback.


See what the new interface between Tekla and Vico looks like in this video:


Caption: When General Contractors work with steel fabricators and engineers, they often receive Tekla Structures models for their BIM projects. Alternately, if they self-perform concrete or steel, they will often maintain their own Tekla modelers.  So Tekla and Vico worked together to improve the communication between the two systems so that GCs could extract all the information they need for precise quantities, estimates, and schedules from these models.
Tekla Structures 19 includes a new Model Organizer -- an easy to use dialogue for the modeler to define logical areas (like the foundation, superstructure, and roof) and object types (like stairs, beams, slabs, columns, etc.).  This preparation means the model will behave as expected in Vico Office.  In Vico Office 4.2 we created 19 different activation options for your Tekla models, including the ability to publish only filtered content -- or pieces of the model that are ready for estimating and scheduling.  The new "change activation options" feature allows the user to re-order the options with a quick drag and drop.  This means that the estimator gets exactly what s/he needs from the model for the quantity takeoff.
With these two new features, users can work just as easily with Tekla models as they do with ArchiCAD, Revit, and SketchUp models! 


If you need any assistance with the download link, just let us know – we are more than happy to help your team. You do not need a new license file – just the download link which was delivered to your license administrator – the Vico Office R4.0 license remains valid for all R4.x releases.


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