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Why Trimble Offers Three Construction Estimating Solutions

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, May 09, 2013 @ 07:54 AM

Trimble Buildings includes estimating solutions for today’s construction firms who might do 100% of their estimates based on drawings – or 100% of their estimates based on 3D models – or any combination in between.


Why?  The reason is simple: we want to provide the best possible estimating environment for today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road.  That’s why we offer solutions from WinEst and Vico Office to general contractors and CM firms. WinEst is an estimating solution that combines the power of a customer-specific knowledge base with the flexibility of a highly-customizable spreadsheet.  Vico Office Cost Planner is a model-based cost planning and budgeting solution, specifically for companies deploying BIM on their projects. And Modelogix from WinEst works with any estimating system to quickly create new estimates based on similar past projects. No matter where our customers are, we can solve the needs of the entire estimating department today and support their mix of business as it grows.


Trimble’s estimating and cost planning solutions help customers accurately quote, budget, estimate -- and win -- work at the right price, while making profitability more predictable.


Using WinEst and Vico Office together, the capabilities include:

• 2D and model-based takeoff
• 2D and model-based estimating
• Schematic/Conceptual Design Phase Estimating
• Cost Modeling
• Data  Mining and Analysis

WinEst is a database-driven estimating solution that uses a highly-customizable spreadsheet for estimate presentation and review. Project specific items and takeoff quantities are derived by responding to specification and dimensional variables that are presented in an “interview like” format. The power of the database and flexibility of a spreadsheet allows customers to accommodate the constant pipeline of estimates they maintain.  And 2D takeoff functionality makes the solution well-suited for presenting the combined outputs of traditional construction documents and specifications.


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Vico Office Cost Planner is best for contractors who integrate the downstream impact of design and schedule into their estimates with BIM models.  The BIM-based takeoff is highly-visual and can automate quantities by location, allowing for the implementation of detailed location-based management principals.  Perhaps the greatest advantage is visualization of the budget alongside multiple design options enabling target cost driven design.  Past project data can be brought into the estimate, too - so that even an early massing or conceptual model can have an advanced level of estimate detail which can also provide early and accurate scheduling.


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Modelogix is a data mining solution which works with any estimating solution (WinEst, Vico, Timberline, MC2, even MS Excel) to speed the development of preliminary estimates, as well as benchmark new estimates against similar past projects, and sanity-check new bids. Construction estimators use Modelogix to quickly compare similar construction projects in terms of quantities, labor, materials, and cost and generate reports for Owners with this data to highlight project expertise.


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Estimating tools have changed a lot since slide rules and digitizers, but the Estimator’s role takes on new importance  to win projects and guide them to profitability.  Trimble offers solutions that meet you where you are and will grow with you. 


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