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Welcome to Trimble

Posted by Holly Allison on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 06:34 AM

Did you know that Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) has been slowly but surely putting together a robust collection of construction software solutions to work alongside its existing field solutions for laser scanning and layout?  As a matter of fact, just over the past three years you’ve seen the acquisition of Tekla, SketchUp, WinEst, and most recently, Vico Software.  Put that together with other companies already in the Trimble family like Meridian Systems, Plancal, Accubid, and QuickPen, and you have a powerful lineup for the AEC/O industry.  Now imagine these components working together in an integrated construction management environment from the bid to the field.  You just said, “Now I get it!” – didn’t you?


The end-game is pretty apparent: Trimble is dedicated to making the construction industry significantly more productive.  This starts in the office, heads out to the trailer, continues on the jobsite, all the way down to the equipment and tools executing the work. 


But what does this mean to the Vico community?


1.)   Vico is a part of the GC/CM Division in the Trimble Buildings Group. Other award-winning solutions to highlight are Prolog from Meridian Systems, Tekla, SketchUp, and WinEst.  There are other divisions dedicated to Owners, MEP Subcontractors, Structural Engineers, and Architects, and we all work together with you to orchestrate a solution that makes business sense for your firm. Our strategy is broader than connecting your internal workflow together.  We are committed to working with our peers focused on other roles in the industry where we can streamline processes across the project stakeholders.


2.)   Absolutely nothing changes for Vico Customers.  Whether you are a software customer or employ our Virtual Construction Services Team, everything remains the same.  You’ll still interact with the same Vico teammates – from licensing, to training, to technical support, to billing – the regular names and faces will not change.  You will continue to work with your existing Vico team and be serviced by the same individuals going forward.  You will also get to know some of our new teammates from Prolog, Tekla, Trimble, and WinEst.  After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s this value that we bring to our relationship with you.


3.)   You’ve already started to see some of the integration work in Vico Office R4Vico Layout Manager is a perfect example of marrying Vico’s 5D workflow with Trimble’s rich expertise in layout.  Layout Manager solves two major problems for construction teams: quickly and accurately identifying layout points AND validating building elements have been installed in the correct location.  Project Engineers can plot out the critical points for the project in any of the activated models in Vico Office and transfer that data out to the Trimble gear onsite. That’s right: BIM to the Field for more precise measurements and better quality control.  Whether GCs self-perform the layout task or have a special Sub do the work, you know the set up and speed of the process. And after the work has been completed, the GC or Sub can capture the actuals from the site and compare these points to the originals to check discrepancies.


4.)   Look to our Virtual Construction Services Team to develop even more offerings and best practices for your firm.  We already have an amazing way to build out schedules and estimates from SketchUp models using quantity ratios; if you want to split your estimating teams to cover traditional cost planning and model-based work, we can provide guidance and best practices; if you want to receive a third-party report card on the BIM models you have received or have built, we offer our BIM Quality Assurance service.  Look for new advances with laser scanning, RFI workflows, and other cool topics.


There will be little things that change – like the formatting of this newsletter.  But the most important change is the exponential value our team can bring to your organization.  You’ll see this new value as we start introducing you to Prolog project portfolio management, Tekla’s steel and concrete modeling expertise, WinEst’s virtual takeoff and Modelogix cost histories, SketchUp’s new solutions for models and construction drawings, and new applications for the Trimble layout gear you already know and love.


We hope you feel the enthusiasm we have with our new family.  As part of the Trimble team, we can move faster to meet your firm’s needs, and smarter to reshape the industry’s productivity.  So please add your insights and suggestions to the Comments section.



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