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Top 5 Things to Know about Vico Software

Posted by Holly Allison on Sun, Oct 14, 2012 @ 05:06 AM

We received an email over the weekend from a recent CM graduate who was going to be interviewing at a GC firm for the role of BIM Coordinator.  The GC firm was looking specifically for Vico Office experience, and perhaps more importantly, a Vico mindset.  The young man asked for pointers on how he could quickly learn the software and exactly what constituted a “Vico mindset.”  Here is what we recommended…


Vico runs with the big dogs.  No matter if your team uses Trimble SketchUp for concept stage designs or Tekla for the most intricate steel and concrete structures, or receives design models in Autodesk’s Revit or MEP models in CAD-Duct, or perhaps models from Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD – all these platforms work together in Vico Office.  The same holds true when we’re talking about extending BIM to other parts of your enterprise – whether your firm uses Newforma for routing RFIs; Trimble Meridian’s Prolog for construction ERP, or even SAP for business financials, Vico Office initiates all these transactionsKey takeaway: it’s not an either/or decision to use Vico Office for Virtual Construction.  The question is when and how soon?


Vico plays to win.  There are probably several firms in your area that play a good game of Hollywood BIM.  They show the Owner a 3D model, take a couple quotes from a textbook, and then pray the Owner conveniently forgets the BIM requirement.  Not the case with Vico.  Take one look at our Customer Success Plan to know that we are partnering with you to make you #1.  It’s our job to help you incorporate Virtual Construction best practices in Lean Coordination, location-based scheduling and production control, and the entire estimating lifecycle.  Key takeaway: it’s not a box of software, Vico Office will help you change the DNA of your firm.


Just like you, Vico concentrates on quality, cost, and schedule.  It all boils down to no second-guessing the design, exact quantification by location, and no missed scope in the estimate.  That is everything your firm strives for – and every workflow in our software.  Only Vico offers the ability to compare the details in the 2D drawing with the 3D model. Only Vico offers construction-caliber quantities, not geometric quantities, to power more detailed estimates and schedules. Only Vico offers Location-Based Management to organize the project into quantities by location, costs per location, crews per location, etc.  Key takeaway: you can trust a company whose software has been used on thousands of successful Virtual Construction projects around the world.


Vico is that unique technology which bridges legacy systems to the future of construction.  In other industries, new technologies insist that you rip and replace your old software investments.  Not so with Vico.  We’ve developed construction-specific best practices for migrating past software investments (and let’s be honest – intellectual property investments) in estimating systems like Timberline and MC2.  We can show your team how to apply your existing cost estimating database to BIM-based projects and start producing BIM deliverables for the Owner.  What you’ll find is that if you have invested heavily in a sophisticated database, you’ll be astounded at what you can achieve in with BIM projects.  Key takeaway: we start the journey where you are, understanding and appreciating the economic knothole we’ve all just come through.


The Vico team is made up of estimators, schedulers, and MEP specialists, just like yours.  You can’t make award-winning construction management software if you don’t know how to swing a hammer.  Conversely, you can’t learn how to execute BIM projects with a software user guide (although ours is very excellent).  That’s why our Virtual Construction Services Team is ready to help your team with mentoring, coaching, workshops, and peer review.  Over the past six months, we’ve rolled out six new best practices we’ve developed in conjunction with our field experience and customer engagements.  You don’t get this team with any other software vendor.  Key takeaway: choosing the right partners is essential in the race for BIM capabilities. Trust that Vico puts as much effort into Virtual Construction knowledge transfer as software code.


We like to end our internal meetings with the statement, “It’s good to be Vico.”  And it’s true – we are constantly striving to raise the bar on construction management software and Virtual Construction best practices.  Our customers get to build the most amazing structures in the world and we get to help by teaching cutting-edge technology and applying it on the spot.  We’ve earned the right to share our opinions on the market, but always let our customers be our strongest advocates.  And best yet, we learn more from our customers that gets incorporated right back into our solutions.  It’s good to be Vico – that’s the Vico mindset.


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it's good to be Vico




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