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BIM Webinars for Each Team Member

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, Sep 20, 2012 @ 06:46 AM

Our customers have told us the decision to “go 5D BIM” doesn’t rest with one person or one department. That’s why we’ve developed webinars for each member of your organization who participates in the BIM strategy and execution.


Here is a re-cap of these webinar for each department or role within your firm.  With over 50 archived episodes, it’s a lot like Netflix.  Just queue up your topics and enjoy the latest research, trends, and best practices in virtual construction…right on your computer.


Specifically for Estimators

The Estimating Department works diligently with all the data they have available to build out the cost plans. But even with all their cumulative experience, the last thing they want to do is miss scope. Not only do they want to nail the bid, but also offer some what-if scenarios to the Owner. If they can communicate the options to the Owner now, there won’t be the need for value engineering later.

BIM-Based Estimating Basics

Vico Office 5D Workflow

Reporting with Vico Office

Detailed Estimates from Concept-Stage SketchUp Models

Connecting Timberline and MC2 to Model-Based Projects


Specifically for Planners, Schedulers, and Supers

The Scheduling Department needs to put together the best plan for each project understanding that if they build the schedule with minimal stops and starts for the Subs, they will come back with better pricing.


Then, because they are often a key part of presentation teams, the

Superintendents need to articulate the benefits of 5D BIM on the jobsite – managing Subs with real-time crew forecasts updated with actual progress, weekly charts showing “work in place,” organizing inspections, and preparing status reports for the Owner.

Introduction to LBMS and LPS

How Scheduling Fits into the 5D Workflow

LBS Manager for Quantities by Location

Planning AND Controlling the Construction Schedule

Reporting in Vico Office

Detailed Schedules from Concept-Stage SketchUp Models

CPM Match


Specifically for Business Development

The Business Development Manager working to win a new bid needs to build out a compelling Owner presentation, RFP responses, propose different contracts requirements for the team members, and determine the key 5D BIM differentiators your firm brings to the table. This means winning more projects and developing trusted relationships within the community.

Win the Deal

Business Value of BIM

Owner Deliverables with Vico Office

Detailed Schedules and Estimates from SketchUp


Specifically for PMs and PEs

The Project Managers have two distinct goals: manage the Owner’s satisfaction and deliver a profitable project for the firm. But the current process is woefully lacking to present complicated cost data from design changes. That can change immediately with Target Cost presentation tools tied to model and budget and an early warning system for the delays, claims, and subcontractor issues that impact schedule.


The Project Engineers need to develop a drawing register for checking and maintaining the latest construction drawings, a system for processing RFIs, and working closer with Subs to achieve scope and quality goals. The PE’s need quantities by trade and location for Subs, as well as extremely detailed quantities for your self-performed work. And finally, PE’s need design to build/build to design - a unique solution that gets accurate placement for braces, hangers, and MEP components.

Case Studies from Swinerton Builders

Hensel Phelps and the Denver Justice Center

Mission Hospital and the Virtual Mock-Up

LBS Manager for Quantities by Location

Model-Based Estimating Basics


Specifically for the Executive Team

The VP of Preconstruction needs target costing and cost planning, clash detection and coordination, model-based scheduling, and model-based estimating in Preconstruction to avoid budget problems. And with these unique BIM-based deliverables, s/he improves communication with the Owner to get to a GMP.


The CIO needs a strategic alternative to different documents everywhere or BIM glue-ware – a leveraged integration where a change to the model automatically changes the cost and schedule. Creating models does not involve an IT strategy, but seamlessly connecting all departments using BIM as the enabling technology is – and that’s a powerful differentiator to the company brand.


The CEO of the firm understands that 5D BIM adds up to managing and maintaining serial client relationships and building a reputation as the go-to firm for new projects. This means hand-picking partners and winning as much new business as is bondable and serviceable. It means growing the company.

BIM for Executives

What CIOs Need to Know about 5D BIM

Win the Deal

BIM Staffing Options

Coordination Resolution


Enjoy these webinars at your desk or gather your team for a lunch and learn session.  Just reserve the conference room, a projector, and order in pizzas.  We’re sure these episodes will get a healthy discussion started! It is a very deliberate decision to stand apart from your peers and become the one firm in the region that keeps winning the new business and pulling further ahead.  These webinars show how each department contributes to that success.

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