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Catch Up on Fridays with Vico Webinar Mini Series

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, Sep 20, 2012 @ 06:34 AM

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement around the Vico offices.  There is talk in the hallways of this new stadium or that new concert hall.  We have weekly cross-departmental teams to share project milestones from our customers.  And many times we will see an email string with incredible project images and a summary report filling us all in on the latest progress.


But then we will receive a call with a simple question, “How do we get started learning about BIM?”  And we remember that it is just as exhilarating to be starting out on this journey as it is to be up the first mountain peak.


To that end, we’ve encapsulated four seasons of our popular Fridays with Vico webinar series into five “boxed sets” – or five mini-series.  These boxed sets are perfect for a week-long lunch and learn session for your team.  Simply reserve the conference room, order in pizzas, and project the recorded webinar up on the screen.  Each webinar concludes with a question and answer period.  But if you don’t hear your questions answered, simply email them in to us or pick up the phone and give us a call.  We’re happy to answer any and all questions for your group.


Alternately, we can also schedule a private session with your team to go over the webinar material in much more detail.  For example, we would happily do an extended session on model-based estimating, or even quantity ratios and conceptual estimating.  The same is true with scheduling, production control, reporting, an in-depth look at our services offerings, etc.  We would be happy to make the time for your team.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Here are descriptions of the Fridays with Vico boxed sets you can review with your team:


The BIM Master Class Series

The BIM Master Class Series contains over 14 hours of comprehensive virtual construction coursework for GCs and Owners. Classes cover 3D modeling, coordination, 4D scheduling, 5D estimating, contract law, and layouting.  To date, over 5,000 AEC/O professionals have participated in this series.

BIM 101 – an overview of 3D, 4D, 5D

BIM 201 – spatial and schedule coordination

BIM 301 – new construction contract language

BIM 401 – model-based scheduling

BIM 501 – model-based estimating

BIM 502 – conceptual estimating with the MPS

BIM for Executives


Getting from Zero to 5D BIM

This executive webinar series explains the steps a GC firm needs to take to graduate from 3D BIM models to orchestrating each project with the MPS for coordination, quantity takeoff, and locations, to 4D schedules, 5D estimates, and on-site production control.

Understanding the Model Progression Specification

The New Preconstruction

An Introduction to LBMS and Last Planner

Using Location Breakdown Structures

Planning AND Controlling the Schedule

Model-Based Estimating Fundamentals

The 5D Virtual Construction Workflow


Improving BIM Model and Project Quality

The BIM Model and Project Quality webinar series explores tangible ways to improve the quality, fidelity, and results from your BIM projects. Whether your firm is brand new to BIM or seasoned experts, we offer best practices to increase productivity and results.

MPS 3.0

5D Data Pack

BIM Model Quality Assurance and Grading

Coordination Resolution

Real-Time Modeling and In-Wall Coordination

Reporting in Vico Office

BIM Staffing Options for Successful Projects


Mastering BIM in a Hard Bid

General contractors know the difficulties of winning in a hard bid situation. This webinar series introduces 5D BIM tactics to impress the owner and win the business in a hard bid.  Yes, you can use BIM in a hard bid – and we show you how.

Scheduling Strategies in a Hard Bid

Estimating Strategies in a Hard Bid

Coordination Strategies in a Hard Bid

A Knowledge Base of Cost and Time Elements


Vico Customer Case Studies

This series of executive webinars highlight how very different Vico Customers have taken very different approaches to 5D BIM and virtual construction. Each case study is unique and highlights each firm's strengths for delivering value to the Owners.

PCL (10 case studies)

St. Joseph Health System Virtual Mock-Up

Hensel Phelps (Denver Justice Center)

Suffolk Construction (Torrey Pines Research Lab)

Swinerton Builders (4 case studies)

St. Jude Hospital


There are over 50 Fridays with Vico webinars titles to choose from.  Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to find them indexed by both construction role and subject matter.  As we always say, “Learn from your peers with your peers at Fridays with Vico.”


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