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Vico to Present Two Papers at the International Group for Lean Construction Conference

Posted by Holly Allison on Tue, Jul 17, 2012 @ 06:33 AM

Is your firm sending representatives for the International Group for Lean Construction, July 17-22, in San Diego?


If so, let’s arrange an opportunity to meet your team face-to-face.


Vico will be presenting two new papers at the conference, both on Thursday morning, July 19th:


Session 39: Production Control Using Location-Based Management System on a Hospital Project

This presentation explores the implementation of Location-Based Scheduling and Production Control on a one million GSF OSHPD hospital project in Northern California.  The new location-based scheduling and production control work was run in parallel to traditional CPM practices. 


The research explores three questions:

1.) Which approach takes more time commitment from the team?

2.) Can you make better decisions with real-time LBMS data?

3.) How accurate was the planning process?


Join us as we share our findings from this project.


Session 159 Production Control Game for Teaching of Location-Based Management System’s Controlling Methods

This session explores a new game developed to teach construction professionals how to deploy LBMS production control methods.  With a simulated construction site and subcontractors who exhibit real-world behaviors, the participants have the chance to enact control actions and see their consequences on the schedule.  In the training settings, one group “played” by LBMS logic, another played by CPM logic, and yet another group played by instinct and experience.


The results are fascinating and we can’t wait to share them.


Last year's conference in Haifa produced these very popular resources:

Whitepaper: The Combination of LBMS and Last Planner

Webinar: The Benefits of Using Last Planner in Conjunction with Vico Scheduling Solutions

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