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How Do You Sell BIM Internally?

Posted by Holly Allison on Sun, Apr 29, 2012 @ 10:23 AM


Many people call or write us with the question, “Can you help me convince my CEO to do BIM?”


We think it’s important to consider the proposition as a business investment.  In fact, we like to say that “BIM is a business investment, not a beauty contest,” because it is not just a software purchase.  Rather, the CEO or Board is investing in a new business process to win business, deliver it, and aggregate the findings to keep a virtuous improvement cycle going.


One approach is to utilize our Services Team to get a quick win on a piece of a project.  Whether it be a standard constructability analysis of the project or a larger Coordination Resolution engagement, we can help you turn a small investment into a small win. 


Another approach is to consider the cost of the current 2D paper process versus the cost of a model.  From a designer’s perspective BIM should not be an additional cost. But if you don’t have the designer’s model then the modeling costs are offset with the downstream deliverables for 3D constructability,  4D scheduling. and 5D estimating.  Your investment in the model is recouped by finding constructability issues in the virtual construction model therefore using virtual $ to fix them rather than rework on site.  Plus, our Coordination Resolution process, which we can teach you, is at least 50% faster and 40% less expensive than traditional MEP coordination.  The outputs from this process are more precise quantities and costs by location.  The quantities by location facilitate target cost driven design, Flowline schedule compression, and locating missing items from the 2D drawings.  These downstream activities negate the upfront cost of the model.


vico offers executive bim workshops and virtual construction seminars

Caption: When companies do adopt BIM and want to incorporate new best practices and methodologies, they do so whole-heartedly and it transforms the tenor of their business. 


We also offer a 30-day Structured Evaluation of the Vico Office Suite.  During this month, we provide you with training, exercises, homework, and technical support that illustrate how your firm would generate, use, and report on 3D constructability data, 4D scheduling information, and 5D costing information.  This is yet another way to analyze the business case for BIM and weigh the pro’s and con’s.  It is always exciting to include a business analyst or VP of Finance in the evaluation so they can prepare a proper business case.


Another program we’ve designed is the Vico Customer Success Plan.  This program contains all the training, mentoring, executive education, departmental workshops, and technical support you need to become successful with BIM.  We even offer additional workshops to help you market your new BIM capabilities to Owners.


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When all is said and done about 5D BIM and virtual construction, the holy grail is to be able to sit in front of the owner and say: I can tell you pretty confidently what that is going to do to the project. And to have everybody else in the room understand why you are concluding that and know where your numbers came from and agree to it.


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The more you measure, the more you improve.  That’s a truism  whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply hang picture frames on a wall.  But the same is true when it comes to discovering the ROI in BIM projects.  The more areas you measure for improvement, the more advantages you’ll find.



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