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Cost-Effective Solutions for BIM Staffing Challenges

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, Apr 19, 2012 @ 07:22 AM


Many firms are looking to increase their capacity to win and deliver big BIM projects.  One of the challenges they face is finding qualified staff to lead these projects.  Don’t get me wrong, the enthusiasm is there and the desire is there, but oftentimes firms can stumble trying to fit BIM technology into their traditional process. 


We might even go so far as to say there’s a skills gap.  Recent college graduates might know software, but they don’t have the project experience and don’t have the leadership skills yet.  BIM Managers might be great point persons for organizing a project but might not have the MEP, estimating, or scheduling depth.  And if you are an Estimator or a Scheduler with as many birthday candles on the cake as me, you might be a little leery of learning a new software program.  There might even be internal resistance to change that can slow a project.


Vico offers several options to help GCs develop a deep BIM bench: embedded project engineers, onsite project managers, modeling teams on retainer, and even certifying current staff to manage BIM projects.  Many of you might know Vico for our great software, Vico Office.  But we also have a worldwide team of Virtual Construction Experts: these are architects and construction management professionals who specialize in MEP, scheduling, and/or estimating who can become part of your team overnight.


On Friday’s webinar, we’ll look at the types of teams you can build to manage your projects.  And we’ll even take a look at the types of projects that Vico Services Team Members are deployed on today and the types of deliverables you’ll see.


What:    BIM Staffing and Deployment Strategies

When:   Friday, April 20th at 12 Noon Eastern

How:     Register at


Even if you can’t make the day/time, be sure to register now and you will automatically receive a link to the archived webinar as soon as it is ready.


BIM consultants construction experts


Hiring these “BIM Consultants” to lead you through one or two successful projects offers several strategic advantages:


1.)    You are able to diversify your bids and bid on more projects;

2.)    You are able to build better Owner presentations and highlight your BIM capabilities;

3.)    Your team learns BIM best practices and workflows through peer review, not where to click and when;

4.)    You develop direct project experience, breaking down operational silos or resistance to change;

5.)    You develop a new arsenal of Owner deliverables: cost- and resource-loaded scheduling, cost per location reports, schedule risk analysis, cash flow curves, even material and personnel histograms to keep the site running smoothly.


And the benefits are straightforward: you can win more projects; you can deliver them profitably; and your team can take on more and more responsibility throughout the learning curve.


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Learn from your peers with your peers on Fridays with Vico.

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