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Case Study Webinar: Real-Time Modeling and In-Wall Coordination

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, Mar 29, 2012 @ 11:27 AM


As part of our current Fridays with Vico webinar series on improving BIM model fidelity, we are presenting a special case study edition featuring an innovative service: real-time modeling and in-wall coordination.


What:    Case Study Presentation on Real-Time Modeling and In-Wall Coordination

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This case study presentation outlines why the Owner mandated a no change order policy for this hospital expansion.  Next, we’ll outline our best practices for coordinating the systems live with the major subs.  And finally, how we were able to show the customers (in this case the doctors and nurses who would be using the spaces) in real-time what their options were for space and equipment layouts.  We took their recommendations and moved room elements around on the fly until they were satisfied.  And finally, after seeing their workspaces in 3D, they signed off on the final room configurations and we met the goal of zero change orders.


in wall coordination examples

Caption: We all know that in a hospital project, in-wall coordination includes all the MEP behind the patient bed. But it also includes everything IN the partition walls (vertical pipes, casework backing, etc.); ON the surface of the walls (such as switches, wall-mounted equipment, etc.); and IN FRONT OF the walls (like medical equipment, casework, furniture, etc.).


It’s a fascinating case study of the power of BIM to bring a project to life.  We hope the topic sparks discussion in your office about the types of BIM services you can offer Owners.


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Although this case study highlights a healthcare project, you can certainly imagine rolling this out when Owners expect exceptional attention to detail for their tenants and/or systems (think government, military, or security applications, think unique retail experiences, think art exhibition spaces, or even select laboratory research facilities).


Caption: While this video provides a hospital example, you can easily imagine the same protocols delivered for a hotel, apartment or condominium tower, or office building.  By getting the layout of high-traffic hospital rooms correct, the doctors and nurses can concentrate on what they do best: delivering extraordinary patient care. If you like what you see in the video, be sure to watch the whole webinar!


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