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Vico Office Video Tutorials – Now for Schedulers

Posted by Holly Allison on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 06:58 AM


The Vico Office Training video series is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for Schedulers who want to get started with 4D BIM.  These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality. You can access the video library index and view just what you need, (we have series for Schedulers, Estimators, and Reporting), or download the complete set of training videos.  And there is no charge, we want everyone to see that 5D BIM is completely do-able taking it one piece at a time.


For Scheduling, there are eight different levels to progress through, each with approximately five steps.  So, all in all, we’re learning 40 items about BIM-based scheduling and preparing deliverables for Owner meetings. 


Here’s how it breaks down:


Level 1: Applying a Location Breakdown Structure

Intrinsic to Vico Office is the user's ability to define multiple location breakdown structures for work sequences. These locations are then used to perform location-based quantity takeoff which is the input for location-based cost and schedule planning.  Level 1 videos illustrate how to use Vico Office LBS Manager to define floors, zones, and optimized location systems per trade.


Level 2: Connecting the Estimate to the Schedule

The Task Manager connects construction estimates to their schedules. Just connect the labor to the materials and equipment to build out your cost- and resource-loaded schedule. In Vico Office, it is as easy as drag and drop.  But during this process, we can find gaps in the data -- a task with missing cost data or a cost component without a task ready for assignment. This QA step is a vital way to de-risk a project and fill in the gaps early in the preconstruction phase.


Level 3: Introduction to LBMS and Flowline for Construction Scheduling

With a basic understanding of location-based management systems and flowline scheduling, this level of training videos explains how to set up your construction calendar and view settings in Vico Office Schedule Planner.


Level 4: Refining the Construction Schedule

Changing task details and their layered logic in just one way we can further refine our construction schedules. This Schedule Planner training level also examines pacing, ASAP, lag, and crew size.


Level 5: Optimizing the Construction Schedule

This Vico Office Schedule Planner training level examines six different ways to optimize your construction schedule: production rates, crew size, location order, combining tasks, splitting tasks, and adding buffer. We also explore the reporting capabilities and a hidden gem to double-check your schedule strategy. 


Level 6: Creating the Scheduling Movie

What happens when you integrate a 3D BIM model and its geometry and quantities to a 4D schedule and a 5D estimate? You get a scientifically derived schedule which you can playback as a movie. These movies can be produced to suit a variety of audiences and used in the trailer with the subs or in the conference room with the Owner.


Level 7: Techniques to De-Risk Your Construction Schedule

A Planner has several balls to juggle while pulling together a schedule: what is the soonest I can complete the project? How does that end date effect the budget? How does that end date effect the number of workers on the site and its overall safety? And how much risk can the project tolerate? This training level explores running a Monte Carlo risk analysis to determine the weak points of the schedule and then de-risk those points. The goal is always a feasible schedule that meets the Owner's expectation for completion within budget.


Level 8: Orchestrating Logistics and Procurement

Orchestrating a construction project is a huge undertaking. Not only is the planner scheduling the flow of trades and equipment on site, but also the procurement and delivery of materials. This training series illustrates how to use the logistics and procurement features in Vico Office Schedule Planner.


We invite you to walk through the sections on the website or download the complete set of video to review with your team.  We also have a series devoted to Estimating and one for Reporting.  If you like what you see in the training videos, we would like to keep the conversation rolling with our Structured Evaluation Program. This is a 30-day package for GCs, CMs, engineers, and consultants who are interested in learning about the enterprise-capabilities of Vico Office. The Structured Evaluation gives construction professionals the chance to learn Vico Office and test its functionality with training, support, and peer review.


Trust Vico to help you move quickly and comprehensively to 4D and 5D BIM. 

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