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New BIM Quality Assurance Check and Grading Is Popular with GCs and Architects Alike!

Posted by Holly Allison on Wed, Jan 25, 2012 @ 12:55 PM


When we introduced our model checking service last month during a Fridays with Vico webinar, we never expected the response.  Already, we’ve worked on new projects around the world!


So for those of you who missed the webinar discussion, we wanted to restate the business case for the service we call Quality Assessment and Refinement for BIM models.


Owners, design teams, subs, and builders all want the same efficiency – we all want to be able to re-use the design team’s BIM model for construction.  But there is a difference between a design-intent model and a means and methods model for construction.  So we ask the question: is it possible for a design model to straddle both disciplines?  Can we repurpose a design model for construction coordination,  planning, and estimating?


Vico has developed a specialized quality check for BIM models.  This quality check grades a BIM model based on eight separate modeling disciplines. A grade of 75% or higher means that a model can be re-purposed for construction.


BIM model grade and report card

Caption: This "report card" grades the model for completeness against 8 different modeling disciplines.  We also rate its completeness for 4D scheduling and 5D estimating and calculate its grade per element per system.  This report card shows the overall grade for Structural Walls based on the level of detail specified by the client.


This is a flat-fee service priced at $2,000 and takes ten business days to complete.  All we need to get started is the project drawings, the BIM(s), and a signed contract.  This is a very reasonable cost and turn-around time for the project stakeholders to learn whether or not the BIM model(s) can be re-used throughout the project lifecycle.  After all, the Owner shouldn’t have to pay for one model for visualization and design intent…and yet another set of BIMs to gain the construction efficiencies.


The Quality Assessment and Refinement Service includes a report detailing the modeled systems and the problems we have found, which are typically consistent throughout the rest of the model.  This independent third-party report allows you and the project stakeholders to make an informed decision: should you repair the model?  Should you start over with a content plan and model progression specification?  Or, if time is of the essence, should you ask Vico’s expert modelers to complete the BIMs? 


Over the past five years, we have been fortunate to work on thousands of BIM models for our customers’ projects.  The scope of these projects have ranged from simple fly-through models to comprehensive 5D projects for the world’s most advanced new hospitals, stadiums, museums, and transit systems.  Committed to Six Sigma quality practices, Vico has developed this rigorous interrogation system for BIM models.  Take advantage of this third-party independent evaluation for your project.


After all, if one project asset can contribute construction-caliber quantities, flowline scheduling and on-site production control with quantities by location, comprehensive estimates and budget tracking, preconstruction coordination and offsite prefabrication, and detailed 2D installation drawings, why would you accept anything less than perfect?


Make your project’s BIM model supply all of the above and all the construction efficiencies that come with it. Let us know if we can help.



Video Caption: How can you tell if a design team's or sub's model can be used for construction purposes like coordination, scheduling, and estimating? Easy -- get it graded!  Vico has developed the Quality Assurance and Refinement service -- basically a report card for your BIM model. We interrogate your model across eight different aspects and grade it for use in construction. Any grade below 75% requires some re-work to get it up to snuff. But we outline all the issues and go through them with you step by step in our summary report. When this service is combined with our Coordination Resolution service, we use these updated models as the background and start identifying and fixing any clashes.


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