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Vico Office 3.2 Is Available

Posted by Holly Allison on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 @ 12:03 PM


The newest point release of the award-winning Vico Office Suite is ready for download. 


Each point release we offer is production-ready software that you can trust your business on.  And we are defining Release 3.2 as a mandatory upgrade for our customers as a result of all the customer enhancements (275 to be exact) that have been implemented.  All the modules of Vico Office have been improved because of your feedback.  Thank you!


Here are several of the new features:


Vico Office Client: As you know, we already support ArchiCAD, CAD-Duct, IFC, Revit, SketchUp, Tekla, and 3D DWGs with our publishers and importers.  This release is updated to work with the latest versions of Tekla 17, ArchiCAD 15, and Revit 2012. 


Specifically for ArchiCAD Users we also support element status such as demolish or existing. This enhancement automatically provides demolished and new construction takeoff quantities based on the CAD element properties.  Tekla Users will also be pleased with the improvements in the publisher and the support for geometry and element type.  Our close relationship with Tekla has resulted in better quantity takeoffs and model activation options.  As for Revit our users will find improved support for geometry and linked Revit models.  We also have a new version of the IFC Importer with improved support for quantities and the ability to import multiple files in one step.


Also in the Client are improvements to the Report Editor, many which come directly from customers.  We now provide a more flexible solution in tune with real-world projects containing thousands of elements, takeoff items, and costs.  The new release offers better support for Tags, the option to include information about active models’ names/versions, and many other features including a cost report of activated assemblies only.  And don’t forget that many report templates are ready for you to use – just check the installation folder; in most cases the structure is C:\Program Files\Vico Software\Vico Office (x64)\Report Templates.


Be sure to review the archived Fridays with Vico webinar on Reporting to see these new features.


Many customers will appreciate the updates we have given the filtering, properties, and workflow palettes.  Now users can dock, pin, or float the palettes any place on their screens or even second screens.  Now using the palettes for filtering is much more convenient.


We also greatly improved the flexibility of Pack and Unpack.  This feature helps geographically-dispersed teams share project data.


Work as One: This enhanced functionality allows multiple team members to work on the same project at the same time.  Each sees edits simultaneously as if they are one user.  This means immediate feedback and teams working even faster as deadlines loom.


Takeoff Manager: We greatly improved quantity calculations – and as you know, quantities are the lynchpin of all downstream activities.  For example, curved surfaces can now be painted in one click so quantities can be more easily assigned.


Cost Planner:  Now, at the request of several customers, Cost Planner also supports negative values so there is more flexibility handling cost item details.  We also offer Users the ability to edit comments/delete saved cost versions – this helps users remove redundant cost versions.


Schedule Planner: We included a major performance improvement in Schedule Planner to better handle large-scale projects with high levels of detail.  


Vico Office Training Videos: We developed a series of tutorial videos from the Scheduler’s point of view.  These videos, only 2-5 minutes in length, are designed to help Customers learn the features that enhance the Scheduling workflow.  Approximately 40 videos walk the user through setting up the schedule, adding locations and location systems, mapping tasks, defining sequence logic, schedule optimization, schedule communication tools, and even procurement planning.  We encourage all Customers (and Community members) to walk through the videos step-by-step.  With so many Schedulers investigating location-based management systems, these videos are factual and comprehensive and present BIM-based scheduling in an easy-to-learn format.


Also new at Vico is the Customer Success Plan.  The Vico Customer Success Plan is a structured regimen of training, content, consulting, and support designed to accelerate your firm's success with 5D BIM.  So if Vico Office training is on your To-Do-List for the New Year, consider the Success Plan – a whole year’s worth of executive workshops, software training, mentoring, and support at a very reasonable price.


If you need any assistance with the download link, just let us know – we are more than happy to help your team.  You do not need a new license file – just the download link – the Vico Office R3.0 license remains valid for all R3.x releases.


We hope you appreciate the new, predictable release schedule with Vico Office.  We are positive that more issues will be resolved in a timely manner and Customers can be assured that production-ready construction management software is just a click away.

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