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What's Your 2012 Resolution?

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 @ 01:07 PM


Here are five resolutions we’ve heard from GCs and Builders around the world…and they all roll up to just one theme: win more business. 


Resolution #1: We want to start working with more BIM-enabled design teams.

One of our favorite data points from the McGraw-Hill BIM SmartMarket Report is, “BIM users would rather work with strangers who know BIM than with friends that don't."  At Vico, we offer two ways to help GCs start working with design teams:


MPS Workshops.  Vico has rolled out workshops for the GC and their design team focused on the Model Progression Specification.  This means that everyone will contribute their piece of the building model at the agreed upon level of detail, at the agreed upon time, and follow agreed upon modeling and naming conventions.  After all, in order to get rich and meaningful data out of your BIM models, you need to model it in.  Sign up for the January 27th Fridays with Vico webinar on the subject and learn how you can start preparing for your next project.


Model-Checking Service.  Have you already received models for a project, but didn’t do an MPS first?  We can examine, interrogate, and grade the models to see if they can be repurposed for construction coordination, scheduling, and estimating.  It’s a flat fee service with a ten-day turn-around time and we grade the viability of the model across eight aspects.  We provide a report detailing the major problems we uncover and the project team can decide the next steps.


Resolution #2: We want to use a more Lean coordination process that saves us time and money.

Clash detection with coordination is great starting point for GCs.  Let’s face it – it’s low-hanging fruit.  If you can organize the drawings and models, you can help the subs prefabricate more materials off-site and create a smoother installation on-site.  But have you noticed that sometimes the process (or lack of process) creates more clashes than you start out with?  Sometimes fixing one clash creates two or three more downstream and the process can get contentious as you keep pushing clashes to the subs.  At Vico, we have a clear way around this bottleneck – it’s a tried-and-tested technique we would like to share with you:


Coordination Resolution.  Not only is it 40% faster than traditional clash and coordination, but it is also much more streamlined.  It’s actually a Lean Construction approach to coordination: we work on one system at a time, moving elements only within rules of the System Priority Structure, and documenting only the most difficult clashes for the design team.  Sign up for the January 20th Fridays with Vico webinar to learn more.


Shop Drawings.  Two of the natural deliverables from the Coordination Resolution Service are built in collaboration with the subcontractors and high-quality 2D drawings.


6D Models.  Another deliverable that falls out of this Lean process is a 6D model.  Now, the highly-detailed models include submittals from the design team and material preferences from the subcontractors creating an as-built, or 6D model.


Resolution #3: We want to offer our Owners a different building experience – a highly-visual one where they can see everything going on with the project at once.

In an industry that’s built upon reputation, this is an important resolution to nail.  It’s easy to forget that Owners aren’t necessarily building experts (or can even read a set of drawings), so it’s important to provide them information that is easily consumable, easily digestible.  After all, if they have a great experience with you on the high-rise, they’ll come back to you for the stadium, the museum, and tell their friend about you for the hospital.  Vico can help you work towards this goal, too:


Better Reporting.  Because Vico Office is an integrated database of 3D geometry, 4D schedules, and 5D costs, we can report on any and all combinations of field values for the project.  This means the Owner’s favorite: cost- and resource-loaded schedules.  This means cost variance reports for comparing two difference design ideas.  This means cash flow reports.  This means popping up one screen and showing the Owner where you would be changing materials; the quantity of that material; and the cost line item for that material and its labor.  And imagine being able to do this on the fly instead of rummaging through stacks of spreadsheets and drawings.  Be sure to register for our Fridays with Vico webinar on January 13th where we will highlight the Vico Office Reporting Engine.


Resolution #4: We want to better understand how 4D and 5D BIM would impact our firm – what changes in the schedulers’ and estimators’ workflows and where the efficiencies are.

This is a fabulous resolution because we have seen the benefits of this transformation with our customers.  We have seen our customers literally pick the jobs they wanted to win, develop the best plans, recruit the best teams, execute more effectively in the field, and deliver a new and exciting owner experience.  And we make it as easy as we can for your team to investigate our integrated construction management solution.  We call it:


The Structured Evaluation Program.  We offer a 30-day Structured Evaluation Program for GCs and CMs. The Program gives construction professionals the chance to learn Vico Office and test its functionality in 30-days with training, support, and peer review.  We help you experience how estimators and schedulers work together on the same project – where the handoffs are – and how teams speed results for pursuits, preconstruction, and operations.  If your team is serious, we’re ready to get started.


Resolution #5: We’re in it to win it.  We want to become the dominant GC in our region.

This is what we want to hear and we’ve designed a program to help you achieve it:


The Vico Customer Success Plan is our guarantee to your firm to help you become as successful as possible with 5D BIM. This one-year plan includes executive workshops, software training, mentoring, and support. This is your BIM Insurance Policy to keep the enthusiasm and momentum high to achieve your stated goals for integrated quantity takeoff, coordination, scheduling, estimating, and production control.


Let Vico help you achieve your 2012 resolutions – together we are an unstoppable team.


What’s your firm’s resolution for 2012?  Let us know in the comments section.


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