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Top 5 Things to Do Today with Vico

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, Dec 15, 2011 @ 11:27 AM


There is so much good news at Vico that I don't know where to start. So how about a Top 5 List?

Top 4 Things to Do Today with Vico

1.) Register for today's webinar. We will be discussing the popular question, "Can a design model evolve into a construction model, or is it better for the constructors to build a new Construction BIM?" Register even if you can't make the date/time and you will automatically receive a link to the recorded webinar as soon as it is available.

2.) Have you calculated your firm's BIM Score yet? Calculate your BIM Score based on clash detection, scheduling, and estimating capabilities, best practices, and enterprise integration. Learn what distinguishes one GC from another by taking the same test for your competition.

3.) Consider a Structured Evaluation of Vico Office with your team. We offer a 30-day Structured Evaluation Program for GCs and CMs who are interested in learning about the enterprise-capabilities of Vico Office. The Program gives you the chance to learn Vico Office and test its functionality in with training, support, and peer review.

4.) If you like what you see in the Structured Evaluation, consider the Vico Customer Success Plan as your insurance policy for your BIM rollout. The CSP is a structured regimen of training, content, consulting, and support designed to accelerate your firm's success with 5D BIM. We infuse virtual construction into your construction firm's DNA.

Hope to see you online soon during the webinar.

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