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Vico Is Hiring - Virtual Construction Engineer

Posted by Holly Allison on Tue, Nov 29, 2011 @ 10:42 AM


A couple of weeks ago many of us sat down to a wonderful gathering of family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.


At every table (or sometimes down at the kid’s table) there was one college student who stood out.  He was the neighborhood kid who could figure out your home wireless network and get it back up and running after the dog had buried the router.  Or maybe it was the high school student across the street who tutored your child in geometry who you later learned won a scholarship to Berklee for musicianship.


These are the standout students that Vico is looking for.  They don’t need to be Construction Management majors – as a matter of fact, we’d prefer that they not be.  We’re looking for software and networking gurus – the type of person who enjoys digging into a problem, testing solutions, and thinking about all the downstream implications.  We’re looking for the teacher who can make the subject matter come alive for an entire classroom.


We have an exciting position open that includes travel all around the world to work with the leaders in construction and see many of the marvels that are being built today.


The position, a Virtual Construction Engineer, is equal parts Software Training, Software Technical Support, and Software Evangelist.  So the ideal candidate is perhaps a little more extroverted than introverted to lead training classes, but can still dive deep into the software to replicate a customer’s problem and solve it.  And because of the heavy travel component, we would like someone mature enough to work remotely but still excited by new cities and new adventures.


If you know this person (and just had Thanksgiving dinner with them!), please point them towards the Virtual Construction Engineer job description on our website and encourage them to apply. 


Virtual Construction is on the cusp of becoming mainstream.  Who wouldn’t want to be at this tipping point with the recognized leader in the industry? 

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