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Increase Your Appetite for Challenge with the Customer Success Plan

Posted by Holly Allison on Fri, Nov 04, 2011 @ 08:03 AM


Some of you might know that I took up running a couple years ago.  I started by taking a 6-week clinic to prepare for our town’s 5-mile Thanksgiving Day race.  At the clinic I made a friend with a runner who was coming back from an injury.  She challenged me after the race to join her competing in the city running series – six races ranging from a mile dash to a half marathon.


While that sounds like a lot of training, and it certainly was, it was nothing compared with our challenge for this year: 12 half marathons.  Not only did we nail the goal with 13, but we also threw in 25 other races including one staged marathon for me and two regular marathons for her.  It wasn’t that the training got easier, but rather our appetite for challenge grew.


I’m sure many of you have training partners or close friends who hold you accountable for staying on track with your goals.  You trust their wisdom and their experience, and though you might not always like it, they tell you the truth and “shoot straight.”


We’ve designed the Vico Customer Support Plan with this format in mind.  To continue the running analogy: we lay out the race calendar, design the training plan, and then put in the miles together.


The Vico Customer Success Plan is designed to get you from zero to 5D BIM over the course of one year.  The plan includes four key components: Consulting, Training, Mentoring, and Support.


When working with our clients we have seen that the optimum route for success is to:

  • Consult and understand your existing processes;
  • Facilitate widespread education of the new concepts and provide software Training;
  • Reinforce that learning with Mentoring and run project-based workshops to get full benefit on a live project and to ensure all advanced concepts are being maximized;
  • And finally provide ad-hoc Support to cover all requirements should the need arise.


Another key component is accountability.  Since “you cannot manage what you cannot measure” we evaluate your plan on a monthly basis to achieve a successful roll out of 5D BIM and Virtual Construction.  We provide monthly status reports to your management team to keep your goals front and center.


As we’ve said before, 5D BIM is not a purchase, it’s an investment.  And the investment yields countless dividends from winning new projects, to performing them more efficiently, to providing a wildly satisfying Owner experience.  So consider the Vico Customer Success Plan for your team – one year to get you where you want to be with 5D BIM.  And who knows, your appetite for challenge just might increase, too.



Caption: From last Thanksgiving - after being awarded our city running program sweatshirt.  This year, we have logged a cumulative 2,950 miles together – enough to get from Boston, MA to Las Vegas, NV and then some.  How far could you go with Vico?

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