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HR Alternatives for BIM

Posted by Holly Allison on Fri, Jun 17, 2011 @ 06:40 AM


We’ve said time and time again that BIM doesn’t come in a box – that it’s all about implementing the best practices to completely change the Owner experience.  After all, wow-ing the Owner with cost- and resource-loaded scheduling, showing the schedule and budget differences between several options, and using the 5D BIM to answer questions can really change the relationship dynamic.


But how does a General Contractor actually move from software like Vico Office to transforming their business?  Some GCs actually look at it as an HR issue.  They must decide if they can staff the initiative immediately or if there is another way for them to deliver on BIM project promises, learn more about how it is done, and prepare their team to take over the 5D BIM roles and continue to integrate them into their corporation.  Let’s explain:


Vico Services, our team of 5D virtual construction consultants, can move your BIM needle from zero to 5D overnight.  With experts in estimating, scheduling, constructability, and even process change, our team joins your team for training, mentoring, and peer review. 


Typically, we start on the first BIM project together and guide you through best practices and protocols.  Then with BIM Path workshops and software training, we show you how to best tackle the modeling, the clash detection and coordination, the estimating, the scheduling, and even the on-site production control.  Think of the set-up as Vico as the varsity team and your firm as the junior varsity scrimmage team.  You’re learning the first project by studying our offense and defense and studying our 5D BIM Playbook.


On the next project, your team takes the lead and Team Vico looks over your shoulder making sure you’re applying the Six Sigma best practices we’ve taught you.  After this project, you are feeling much more confident and are ready to start ramping up efforts to win and manage more business.


You have several options – and they revolve around team size:


5D Modeling Team on Retainer – sometimes the best way to win new business is to come out swinging.  With a modeling team on retainer, you can impress the Owner from the first meeting with integrated models, estimates, and schedules.  You can show the Owner several what-if scenarios, Green options, or even a virtual mock-up of the project’s complicated skin.  You get this flexibility with your own Vico modeling team for much less than building these capabilities in-house.  Plus, your team can handle your workload in multiple shifts, so even more work gets done faster.


Embedded Project Engineer – nothing holds you more accountable than keeping a Vico Project Engineer on your team.  Our PE keeps your firm focused on making BIM pervasive and delivering profitable projects.  He or she is the go-to person when a department has a question or needs advice.  The PE can coach all of your team how to present data to Owners, how to work best with design teams, and even how to cooperate more fully with Subs.  In our experience, customers who have embedded PE inhale BIM more deeply and are quick to ROI.


Vico Onsite Project Manager Embed

Caption: Vico embedded PE's have many advantages: no new-hire training costs, no relocation expenses, no hardware costs.  They are well-versed as construction professionals with architectural and/or MEP backgrounds and are passionate about 5D BIM and virtual construction.


Certified On-Site Project Manager – some firms prefer to promote from within and designate one to five people as their Virtual Construction Leaders.  These folks might represent different departments like estimating, scheduling, precon, ops, and field, but all learn cross-departmental BIM skills.  This internal team receives special COPM training from Vico, plus additional skills to manage their own 5D Modeling Team on Retainer.  The head of this team will also be the go-to person, or the Technical Lead, and be the first line of defense when users get stuck with the software.


So, as you can see, there are several alternatives to acquiring and maintaining BIM skills for your team.  But, in the end, it’s a simple HR solution.  And when the 5D BIM services are seen as value-add to the Owners’ efforts, many of them allow the BIM hours targeted at constructability review, estimating, and scheduling to be paid for by the project.

When you’re ready to get started, call in Team Vico.  With over 400 virtual construction projects completed around the world, we know how this game is played…and we can teach it to you.

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