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5D BIM Versus 50-Yard Line Tickets

Posted by Holly Allison on Sat, Jan 22, 2011 @ 10:59 AM


Who doesn’t want to win new business?  That’s a pretty ridiculous question given the economic knothole we’ve just come through.  So there has to be more to it than just picking a strategy with which to differentiate your firm and win new business. 


We’ve written in the past about BIM-Washers and the Genuine Article; we’ve blogged about talking the talk versus walking the walk.  But it all boils down to this: you need to differentiate your firm in order to win new business.  You can choose to differentiate with 50-yard line tickets or you can move in a different direction.


5D BIM or 50-yard line tickets


If your firm has selected BIM as your differentiator, you now have another choice: you can spin the model in the Owner presentation and hope that they quickly forget how and what they were sold on.  You can continue on in the paper-based status quo bolting together pieces of the puzzle and keep asking your team for late-game heroics.  Or, you can change the game completely and integrate your operations.


What’s the upside here? By leveraging the integration between your operations systems, you can effectively break down the functional silos that may exist in your firm today: preconstruction, planning, estimating, and field.  The result is that not only do you differentiate your firm with 5D BIM, not only do you perform the project effectively with 5D BIM, but you also profit.


From our vantage point, having worked with Owners and GCs on over 400 virtual construction projects around the world, your firm can offer three ways to de-risk the project:

1.)    You can give better data to the Owner and Designers.  This is decision-support data in terms of constructability, cost, and schedule.  You can offer target value design and report the impact of every change on cost and time.

2.)    You can offer a different Owner experience by managing the estimate visually and  the production schedule informed by real-time site conditions.  Or as we like to say, you are informed by truth as it changes.

3.)    You can effectively orchestrate the Subs to nail the coordination, cost, and schedule.


An integrated construction management platform allows you to do this.  What this means is that every time the design changes, the cost and schedule change with it.  The value to your firm is that you have not only implemented 5D BIM, but you have harnessed it throughout your organization.  Now the 3D model informs constructability and coordination.  Working with your Subs and self-perform groups you have scientific 4D schedules based on quantities, locations, and productivity rates which can be monitored and controlled on-site.  Your Estimating department just unlocked the BIM model to be a 5D decision-support tool, offering the Owner the best options to stay true to design intent, budget, and timeline.


You have options today to help you win new business.  When you’re ready to up the ante to integrated 5D BIM, call in Team Vico.  We have a unique way of working with GCs: it centers around combining your construction expertise with our 5D BIM software and consulting services.  Our program has proven extremely successful to differentiate GCs and win them more new business in their region.  We accelerate your BIM program throughout your firm and tie it directly to winning new business. 


Call in Team Vico – all we need is a 30-minute web session with your VP of Precon, your Business Development leader, and your A-Team PMs and Superintendents.  Our goal is to prove that choosing Vico as a partner means success in your BIM initiatives.  Not only can you win new business, but you can execute it more efficiently and profit.


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