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5D BIM on the Jobsite and throughout Your Firm

Posted by Holly Allison on Fri, Dec 03, 2010 @ 11:59 AM


My brother really married well.  His wife is fantastic and so is her family.  Part of the fun of going home for the holidays is hanging out with her parents and getting to know them better.  Bill (my brother’s father-in-law), worked all throughout the Western US as a construction superintendent for more than forty years and so we spend a lot of time talking about area projects.  (We even follow each other on Twitter so we can geek out and talk about concrete additives and other high tech building materials.)


He isn’t too impressed with 3D BIM because he’s the type of guy who can look at paper drawings and already visualize the project.  But what really gets him going is talking about flowline scheduling and managing the movement of Subs onsite.  He understands flowline and even downloaded a copy of Vico Control so he could learn it better.  As someone who is obsessed with safety, he really appreciates the concept of keeping locations clear from extra equipment and materials so that crews can move freely and do their jobs well.  He also appreciates being able to read the flowline chart and see where problems will occur if productivity rates remain the same.  He knows that it’s not a question of throwing manpower at the problem – and that tactic can also cause more problems than it solves.  He even took Dr. Seppanen’s Scheduling Challenge, but is too star struck to send it in.  And when he saw my tweet about a location-based management workshop in San Francisco, he asked if we would be recording it or if he should drive out.


on the jobsite


His enthusiasm for new technology highlights a missing piece of many General Contractor’s BIM initiatives.  How can we take the power of a BIM model and harness it to other departments throughout the firm?  Because it’s not just superintendents on a project who can also benefit from BIM.


For the Business Development Manager working to win a new bid: we work with you to build out a compelling Owner presentation, RFP responses, propose different contracts requirements for the team members, and determine the key 5D BIM differentiators your firm brings to the table. This means winning more projects and developing trusted relationships within the community.


For the BIM Manager: we work with you to expand your BIM strategy across departments and across offices.  We help you develop core competencies around model coordination, as well as develop and provide a well thought out program to bring in Estimators and Schedulers for whom you can then explain and pilot model-based scheduling and model-based estimating solutions.


For the Project Engineers: we help you develop a drawing register for checking construction drawings, processing RFIs, and working closer with Subs to achieve scope and quality goals.  We work with you on quantities by location for Subs, as well as extremely detailed quantities for your self-perform work.  We have a unique solution called design to build/build to design that helps you get accurate placement for braces, hangers, and MEP components.


For the Superintendents like Bill: because you’re often a key part of presentation teams, we’ll help you articulate the benefits of BIM on the jobsite – managing Subs with real-time crew forecasts updated with actual progress, weekly charts showing “work in place,” organizing inspections, and preparing status reports for the Owner.


For Project Managers, you have two distinct goals: manage the Owner’s satisfaction and deliver a profitable project for the firm. But the current process is woefully lacking to present complicated cost data from design changes.  Vico changes that immediately by providing Target Cost presentation tools tied to model and budget using our Cost Explorer solution, as well as provide an early warning system for the delays, claims, and subcontractor issues that impact schedule.


For the VP of Preconstruction: by providing clash detection and coordination, model-based scheduling, and model-based estimating in Preconstruction, we can help you avoid busting the budget. And with these unique BIM-based deliverables, we help improve your communication with the Owner to get to a GMP.


For the VP of Operations: we offer a dashboard view instead of a rear-view mirror.  There is a repeatable, consistent checklist for successful BIM projects in order to alleviate the need for heroic actions at the end of the project.  This cuts down on litigation, upside-down projects, and even the loss of good talent to the competition.


For the President of the firm: this all adds up to managing and maintaining your serial client relationships and building a reputation as the go-to firm for BIM in your target market.  This means hand-picking your partners and winning as much new business as is bondable and serviceable.  It means growing the company.


How can you connect all the talent in your firm?  One powerful way is to increase the scope of your BIM strategy.  We’ve seen time and time again that BIM helps you win new business, but it also impacts the efficiency of each department to deliver a more profitable project.


If you want BIM to be this pervasive, entrenched in your core competencies, call in Team Vico.  We can help you extract all the value from a 3D BIM model and turn it into information you can “process” to run the project with less risk: 3D clash detection and coordination, construction-caliber quantities, 4D scheduling with flowline, and 5D cost planning.  At Vico we have the world’s most experienced 5D BIM Services Team (over 400 projects under our belts) ready to make an instant impact in your pursuits and prove to your potential clients that your firm can walk-the-walk rather than just talk-the-talk.


We’re pretty sure your “A Team” is just as excited about improving processes and efficiency as Bill is.  Let’s organize a Discovery Meeting over the web to determine if there’s a match between your BIM goals and our solutions.

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