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See What's New in Vico Office 4.7

Posted by Holly Allison on Wed, Jan 08, 2014 @ 08:59 AM


Back in July of 2013, we had the privilege of meeting with construction executives and many power users for the Trimble Buildings portfolio products like WinEst, Prolog, and Vico Office.  It was a real pleasure spending the week in Vail, Colorado, discussing the new and better ways our software products, and more importantly, our Trimble company, can help make a difference in efficiency, mobility, and profitability.  Our secluded setting really allowed us to listen to what customers had to say about our products and hear their suggestions on how we could improve them. The advisory board setting helped us develop some clever solutions that better serve our user community.


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Case in point.  The latest release of Vico Office, R4.7, incorporates three of the ideas from the wish list sessions with our power users.  Here we’ll explain just a few of the enhancements that our long-time users will recognize and appreciate!


Location copying.  A key benefit of Vico Office is the ability to create location breakdowns for the 3D model to get quantities and costs per location. (#TrimbleTip: see the Costs per Location Report in Step 4 of the Cost Planner video training.) The locations are oftentimes repetitive, such as what you might find in an office building or apartment project.  Prior to R4.7, users would create each location manually and replicate them again and again for each floor, which we heard was a bit of a repetitive and low-value task.  So in R4.7 we added location copying to make this much easier.  Now users can duplicate the LBS structure through many floor levels with a simple copy/paste action.  After copying locations, a quick batch activation (introduced in R4.6) provides updated quantities for the tallest of buildings in the shortest amount of time. (For those of you who attended the Denver AGC BIMForum on prefabrication solutions, this is a tremendous time saver for repetitive buildings.)


Reference planes and document scalingDocument Controller users will love this drag and drop feature that connects the 2D document register to the 3D reference planes. (A #TrimbleTip is to use the project LBS for quick creation of the reference planes – see how to create the LBS in the Schedule Planner video tutorial.)  Now, users can map all their 2D drawings to the correct reference plane with great ease and get right into comparing the 2D drawings and the 3D model.  After all, we all know that the 2D documents are the contract and how important it is to ensure that our 3D model matches them for estimating, scheduling, and layout purposes.


Tags fields in Takeoff Manager.  Customers have grown to love tags for creating all the additional data fields we can dream of to sort and report from our projects.  Now, we can apply Tags to takeoff items for tracking information such as the LOD from our Model Progression Specification.  Tags can now be used to automate the estimating and scheduling deliverables coming from Vico Office as we visually inspect our models with them.  We’ve also added the ability to drag and drop the takeoff quantities directly into the cost plan once your done inspecting the model. Et voilà!  Our downstream estimating and scheduling level of detail is in synch with the model level of detail. (A #TrimbleTip: review Step 5 – Creating Tags in Vico Office in the video training series!)


Check out the video below to see how it all works together...




Now as teams are coming back from the holiday break, we thought we would remind you to check with your License Administrator for the Vico Office 4.7 download link so you can get up and running with the latest functionality.  If you need any assistance with the download link, just let us know – we are more than happy to help your team. You do not need a new license file – just the download link which was delivered to your license administrator – the Vico Office R4.0 license remains valid for all R4.x releases.


Each of our Trimble Buildings solutions are striving to meet your needs.  This Vico Office release represents invaluable customer input, so please keep the great ideas coming.


Trimble Buildings Customer Advisory Board Vail 2013

Caption: Sometimes you gotta get down and dirty to come up with the best ideas.  We can't wait for our next Executive Round Table and Customer Advisory Board meetings. 

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