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On a Scale of 1 to 10, What's Your Level of Pain?

Posted by Holly Allison on Wed, Nov 27, 2013 @ 09:18 AM


One of our colleagues here in the Trimble Salem office, Pete DiNardo, plays in a hockey league on the weekends. Inevitably at lunch, we’ll hear the latest stories about the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” Then, after we’ve finished eating, we’ll get the blow-by-blow of the latest gruesome injury on the team. (So, if you are eating or drinking something right now, just set it down to the side.)


Here’s Pete’s list of horrible injuries on the ice:

  • A high ankle break in the skate

  • A puck to the mouth and chicklets on the ice

  • One of his teammates accidentally swallowed his mouthguard (after the puck to the face, thank goodness he was wearing one!) and they had to do a tracheotomy on the ice to get him breathing

  • One guy was standing in the penalty box as another teammate was climbing in – the climber’s skate found the void between the leg pad and knee pad. The first guy didn’t even know he had been sliced until he tried to skate out

  • Most pucks come screaming at your face head on. One puck flew perpendicular to the teammate’s face and sliced through his nose and cartilage creating a divot where his nose should have been


When the paramedics get to the rink they race to the fallen teammate and get him ready for transport to the hospital. They always ask the same question, “On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate your pain level?” You know as well as I do that all of these injuries rate a clear and resounding 11. But the injured guys try to brush it off. They don’t want to call attention to it – they just want it taken care of so they can be home watching football later that afternoon.


Now we all agree with Pete’s wife that he should find another sport to play. But doesn’t this same thing happen out on the jobsite? We can always get a project done, but aren’t some harder than others? Isn’t the level of pain on some projects so much greater than others? And sometimes we can’t even explain why. Was it good/bad plans, team, subs, pre-planning, coordination, layout, change order management, document control, as-builts, warranty. . .?


Trimble Buildings has a set of solutions for general contractors and construction managers that effectively ratchets down the pain on every project.



We all know that the pain from projects can lead to turn over of critical employees, lost money/time/quality, and bitter relationships with other stakeholders including the owners, designers and subcontractors. Trimble Buildings take common project chokepoints and makes them easier to manage. After all, we’re builders, too – so we know exactly where the pain is and designed our solutions to alleviate those flare-ups.


There’s no need to put on a brave face and swallow the pain like Pete’s teammates. Be honest and tell us, on a scale of 1 to 10, where’s your level of pain? We can show you a targeted solution that helps make your projects fun again…just like playing hockey on the weekends.


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