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What's New in Prolog 9.7

Posted by Holly Allison on Sat, Aug 31, 2013 @ 03:21 AM


How could Trimble Buildings follow-up the closed-loop integration with WinEst and Modelogix in Prolog 9.6?  We simply upped our game with field access to Prolog 9.7!


Prolog is the leading construction project management solution, offering the most complete system of record for capturing and managing project information, from the field to the back office. Prolog customers with active customer support and maintenance agreements will receive this Prolog upgrade free of charge.


Prolog Converge  has dramatically improved the Web Forms look-and-feel, making them easier to navigate and reducing load time.  The Data Entry Grid in the Prolog Converge Web Client Forms has been replaced with new technology, dramatically reducing the time to load and work with records.  Now users can load, filter, sort, adjust, and edit web grids with near instand results for even thousands of records.  In addition to the Grid Replacement Project scross 70+ web forms and search windows, we also modernized the web client.  Users will appreciate the dramatically improved web forms with their fresh, easy-to-navigate interface.


prolog converge modern web form interface

Caption: The new web forms load faster, react quicker on the ipad, and make it easier for colleagues in the field to capture up-to-date project information.


Prolog Mobile has also added new modules for daily field reporting that allows for faster creation of daily reports to enhance multiple Daily Work records across companies and crews.  


daily field reports in Prolog Mobile

CaptionUsers can now enter the Daily Details and record multiple Daily Work records (for companies and crews) working on that day within a single form.  With a single tap on the screen, the entire day can be copied to start the next day's entry.


We have also added the RFI Collaboration Tab to the ipad application making it easier to get more input from field colleagues; and simplified the data entry selection on Punch List areas.


See how these improvements all come together in the video below!


Video Caption: Superintendents can use Prolog Mobile to connect to the project when they are out on the jobsite, regardless of whether or not there's a wifi connection available. Using Plan View, the superintendent can tag locations with events, records, and updates. Most importantly, supers can access checklists and supplement their reports with photos and videos from the ipad. There are so many more features available in 9.7 including daily details, work journals, events, inspections and tests, punch lists, and so much more.


This video focuses on a Daily Field Report where users are able to capture weather conditions, visitors to the site, and reports for all the different subs and crews onsite that day, including labor, equipment, and rich audio/visual content. Teams at HQ can also push latest drawings and training videos, safety checklist, etc. out to the field. And the web client modernization features make that data easy to consume by supers. 


For more information on Prolog 9.7, please utilize these resources:

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