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Solving Issues on the Construction Jobsite with Prolog

Posted by Holly Allison on Fri, Aug 16, 2013 @ 02:49 AM

Collaboration is a throw away word.  It was probably invented by software marketers in the 90’s to describe any workflow that connected two people.  A quick Google search on “collaboration whitepaper” yields over 100 pdfs.  You don’t need a whitepaper to understand how to work together and get the job done.


But simply connecting two people or two parties does not mean solving an issue for the good of the project.  I think it is safe to say that if we ran into a problem on the jobsite there would be at least four different ways to solve the issue: one way that benefits the sub, one way that benefits the supplier, one way that benefits the design team, and one way that benefits the owner.  The compromise for the good of the owner is always what we’re after.


construction collaboration for the good of the project with prolog


Prolog frames the issue at hand in terms that all contractors understand best: how will this compromise impact the schedule and how will it impact the budget.  Using these guideposts, it’s easier to reach a group decision that benefits the project – not the person with the loudest voice.


Collaboration doesn’t mean hashing out an issue in an hour-long meeting in a conference room. It means having the facts, understanding the cost and time implications of each option, connecting with folks impacted by the change, and reaching a decision for the good of the project.  After all, the goal is to eliminate claims before they ever happen. 


We’d like to show you the project management workflows we’ve developed to help your extended project team make the best decisions in the webinar, Collaboration at the Speed of Prolog.


Prolog provides three ways to access project information based on the way you need to work:

        • A desktop application when you need processing power for reporting and viewing rich visual content – perfect for teammates based at HQ;
              • A browser-based application when you need to access information from a remote site or home – your design team and engineering team will like this, as will your team in the trailer;
              • And Mobile-based applications that allow you to work offline and capture better information at the
                jobsite – supers and subs like this option


Each user has a specific permission level and access hierarchy which keeps all project data secure and auditable.  And information is delivered to you only when you need it so you’re not mired in useless emails.  Now that the pertinent stakeholders are connected to the same facts, we can reach a smart decision faster.


Come see what real project collaboration means to us on the next Fridays with Trimble.


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