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Not Your Grandfather’s Construction Project Management

Posted by Holly Allison on Thu, Aug 01, 2013 @ 06:51 PM

OK, so maybe software came after your grandfather’s time, but you understand what we mean.  Many construction software packages look and feel like they were made for desk jockeys just plugging in numbers and vendor codes.  And we know that you’d rather be out on the jobsite helping the project come together!


prolog construction project management software


We’ve built Prolog 9.7 to get you out from behind the desk and out to the site.  So if you think that all construction project management systems are the same, we ask you to reconsider and take a look at Prolog.


1.)  We built Prolog to provide you with project information any time/anywhere.  This means you can be at headquarters on a desktop, in the trailer on a laptop, or out on the jobsite with an iPad.  This means you can be plugged into a LAN, on wifi, or even in offline mode where no signal is available. 


2.)  Use the camera on your iPad to record field conditions, supply progress updates, traffic conditions.  In two words, add value.


3.)  Out of the box, Prolog manages over 40 mission-critical business processes from which you can create an unlimited number of workflows to match your SOP.  Why?  Because it was built by construction folks who love doing what you’re doing.  But because we know that each firm and each GC has their own SOPs, we made these workflows fully-customizable to match how you do business.


4.)  Prolog comes with over 400 standard reports for you and the Owner. There’s rigor behind the scenes to keep your data clean.  You know the adage: garbage in/garbage out.  Not the case with Prolog.  We’re working proactively to ensure your data fidelity throughout the lifetime of each project.


5.)  Many of us got our start in construction as PMs.  So we know how you want to spend your time: you’d rather be managing your day than a string of firedrills.  And Prolog has designed RFI and Change Order workflows to keep the project team connected, informed, and making smart decisions at each turn.  Plus, you see the real-world impact in terms of dollars and time.


6.)  One cool new feature you’ll see is Prolog Mobile’s ability to tag issues by location.  Again, this means having the data necessary to make smart decisions for the good of the project; not one-offs that simply put out a fire.


7.)  Finally, we drive data to you.  You don’t have to write queries or run reports to find the information you need. All notifications that require your input come directly to you and right back out to the people who need the answer. There’s no office politics, no friendly chit-chat, just getting things done so we can get this building topped off.


So watch the fast-paced webinar about Prolog 9.7 – a fresh approach to construction project management. 


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