If you want to know how the economy is doing, just ask a General Contractor or a Construction Manager.  We were the first to see credit drying up and the last to let go of teammates when the pipeline was empty.  Now after four years we instinctively feel an upturn; but to be honest, we’re still cautious.


What if there was a way to add to the team without the HR overhead?  What if there was a way gain teammates with deep BIM experience, but for just one key project?  Is it possible to produce BIM deliverables for Owners without the risk of a new hire?


Trimble Buildings offers GCs and CMs a timely solution – we call it VDC Services.  Virtual Design and Construction covers the BIM gamut – from 2D drawing comparison to 3D modeling and coordination; from 3D quantity takeoff to full 5D estimating; from 4D schedule optimization to Owner presentation materials; and every step in-between.  This is exactly the kind of new technology infusion that your team has been looking for without the huge investment.  And this is exactly the type of Owner experience you need to be offering to keep the new deals flowing.


Take advantage of these contract services on your challenging projects.  Which of these services would be perfect for your Owners?


Laser Scanning:  Are you involved with a complex expansion project and under the gun to make it as seamless as possible?  Consider using Trimble VDC Services to laser scan your existing conditions, create a BIM model from the point cloud, and coordinate the new with the old for design validation.  Wow the Owner with a comparison of the as-built conditions with the as-planned design. 


2D Document Comparison:  Don’t struggle trying to pinpoint the changes between hundreds of drawings for a project…and dread that you’ll find the one you missed on the jobsite.  Trimble VDC Services quickly collates the drawing versions, checks for changes, and clouds each change/omission/addition for you.


3D Modeling:  Not all extended project teams have players who can model for construction purposes.  No worries –Trimble’s VDC Services Team can model your architectural, structural, and mechanical systems.  These models aren’t just for show and tell – these are purpose-built models for construction-caliber quantities, 4D schedules, and 5D estimates.  You simply specify the format: Tekla, Revit, ArchiCAD, CAD-Duct, etc.

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3D Model Grader:  What if you already have models from design teams or subs?  Trimble VDC Services will act as a third-party to grade these models for construction.  Consider it your modeling report card – we inspect the models system by system noting any omissions, mistakes, or areas for improvement.

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Lean Coordination:  Everyone says they offer project coordination services.  But how many months (even years!) and how much cost do they add to the project?  Trimble’s VDC Services utilizes our own System Priority Structure to force quick, but educated decisions resulting in coordination cycles which are 40% faster than traditional methods.  We also offer additional services for 2D composite drawings for the subs and a 6D facilities model for the Owner.  If you want to be the first GC in your region to offer 6D to Owners, this service is for you!

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4D Scheduling:  You’ve seen the difference that LBMS (location-based management system) can make on complex projects.  We can start from scratch or with your own CPM schedule and create an optimal schedule based on the Owner’s request: the shortest schedule possible, the least expensive schedule, the least-risky options, or any combination of variables.  We offer optional workshops including a Pull Scheduling Session with subs, a Production Control Game, and optimization workshops.

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Full 5D:  If your Owner wants the latest building sciences applied to their project, consider the full monty.  It’s your pick of the latest laser scanning, layout, modeling, coordination, scheduling, and estimating services to match your client’s needs.


Business Development Presentation Assistance:  If your team is looking for help pulling together the best possible presentation, we can help.  Trimble VDC Services pulls together the model-based deliverables your firm needs to stand apart from the crowd and help you craft a persuasive pitch.  Your experience and reputation with the latest BIM solutions is a winning combination!

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