What's New in Vico R5?

How can you manage and efficiently combine the standard information that comes from contractual 2D drawings while efficiently leveraging BIM?  Introducing Vico Office R5! R5 is a true game changer, as it continues to shrink the gap between the traditional 2D world and the rapidly evolving 3D world!


Here is an overview of the key features in Vico R5.

2D Takeoff and Takeoff Pad

Vico R5 extends Vico’s estimating capabilities with the addition of 2D Takeoff along with additional Takeoff Pad functionality.  The Takeoff Pad displays a collection of takeoff quantities that can be uniquely manipulated according to user preference and input. While 3D models are an increasingly popular and powerful way of supporting the estimating workflow in construction, the contracted design remains in 2D PDF drawings.  Takeoff pad is bridging the gap that exists for estimators when they need to quantify inputs coming from both 2D and 3D.

Add-Ons and Markups

Advanced add-ons and markup have been included to add flexibility for GC/CMs who require multiple markups and additions to the base estimate in order to get to a gross total for submission – necessary additions can vary greatly from company to company.

Running Modes

Running modes have been introduced as a way to better interact with the model and as a visual presentation supplement. Companies adopt model-based estimating to facilitate improved communication of cost/budget status to the owner. Prior cost-model integration only highlighted the elements associated with a cost item, which is not always easy to see. Running mode solves this problem by offering multiple viewing modes, facilitating improved communication back to the Owner.

Vico Office Web Services (VOWS)

Vico Office Web Services (VOWS) has been added to the product installer to help extend Vico functionality into other systems. Vico Office Web Services provides access to the Vico Project Server database via a WCF service through a unified interface. It can be used to read from and write to the Vico Project Server to extract data, or to connect to other applications.

IFC Properties

Important for the European market, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is intended to describe building and construction industry data. It is a platform neutral, open file format specification with a data model developed by buildingSMART to facilitate interoperability in the AEC industry, and is a commonly used collaboration format in BIM-based projects.

Publisher Support

* Vico R5 will have support for the following:

  • * AutoCAD 2015
  • * Revit 2015
  • * ArchiCAD 18
  • * SketchUp 2014 (free) w/IFC Classifier tool
  • * Tekla 20
  • * Bentley AECOsim platform