Full 5D BIM Starts with Estimating

How many of your new projects have BIM requirements?  40%? 50%? More?  As Owners grow savvy to Hollywood BIM bids, they are looking under the covers to see what capabilities firms really offer.  Is BIM just for show and tell at your firm – or are you really diving deep and integrating the design with the schedule and the estimate – are you connecting your preconstruction and operations teams – are you connecting the jobsite, trailer, and HQ with real-time information – are you providing the Owner with the information they need to make better decisions?


If you are using Vico Office you can answer yes to all of the above.  Vico Office is the first integrated 2D-3D-4D-5D BIM platform.  Now you can use models of all types (SketchUp, Tekla, ArchiCAD, Revit) from every source (design teams, engineers, subs) to construct, estimate, and schedule a new project on your computer before ever breaking ground.  It’s not a “click it and forget it” solution – you still need to apply your knowledge and expertise.  But you’re focused on the critical pieces of the estimate – the challenging portions where you can showcase your experience.


What’s the difference between your current estimating and BIM-based estimating with Vico Office?

  • • You let the models quantify what they were designed to – now you can spend more
      time on the items that require your focus (like the parts of the project with the least
      amount of detail);
  • • You evolve the estimate as the models grow in specificity – from a concept stage
      massing model to a detailed model;
  • • There’s no need to redo the takeoff or wonder if the design team has clouded all
      the issues – you can see the differences as you publish the new model versions.
      And because the system is completely integrated, a new model version drives new
      quantities which automatically update your estimate and schedule.
  • • Visually understand the quantities on your screen - edit and check that they are
      all accounted for. No more trusting CAD quantities that cannot be visualized and
      are not always correct.
  • • Show the Owner exactly where the project needs guidance and smart decision
      making. Compare options side-by-side and see the impact to the budget and
  • • Don’t lock away the estimate after the bid. Re-use it to inform new bids – again,
      we’re not wasting time, we’re gaining time to focus on the complex portions of the
  • • This is a completely integrated 3D-4D-5D process – for estimators who see the
      future and want to be a part of it.


We know that estimating is the lifeblood of any GC firm.  You go to sleep with the profitability of the firm on your shoulders.  If you had a system that helped you bridge your current 2D process to new 5D workflows, while still maintaining complete control over quantities and formulae, wouldn’t you want to protect your livelihood – and not just protect it – make it fun and thrive?  Vico Office is the 5D estimating solution for your firm.  Vico Office is Trimble 5D.