Trimble Buildings is the new group from Trimble Navigation, Ltd. dedicated to building construction hardware, software, and services.  Built on Trimble’s own 20-year history with jobsite solutions for layout and measurement, Trimble Buildings strives to deliver real-time project data to people who need it most, whether at the jobsite, the HQ, or any place in between.  After all, it’s this construction data that informs so many critical decisions and impacts both schedule and cost. 


Trimble Buildings includes solutions from brands you know and love like Tekla, SketchUp, Vico Software, Meridian Prolog, WinEst and Modelogix, Trimble field solutions, and Virtual Design and Construction Services to meet the needs of your projects today and tomorrow.  Not only are we enhancing these best-of-breed construction solutions, but we are creating new workflows and new integrations between them.  Developed with our own Design-Build-Operate strategies and customer insights, complete with industry best practices and content, our goal is simple: integrated construction management.


Our solutions are designed by construction experts for construction experts.  We know the excitement of watching a building come out of the ground – now we want to make that process even better.  We want to apply construction science to every decision – replacing gut feelings with real numbers. 


Here is the collection of solutions specifically designed for General Contractors and Construction Management firms:


We have all gotten a call from an Owner with the plans for a new stadium or laboratory.  The program sounds amazing and the thrill of a new project takes over.  We want to get started right away, so the Design Team and GC open SketchUp Pro to start mapping out the plans and seeing the project come to life.  So many Architects, as well as General Contractors and Construction Management firms, use SketchUp Pro to get a jump start on the project, not only for conceptual estimates and visualization, but also because it is bar none, the easiest way to draw in 3D.

Case Study: SketchUp Pro Virtual Mock-Up on Westminster Campus

Case Study: SketchUp Pro for Prefab on a Data Center Project 


Contractors who self-perform concrete and steel need a comprehensive 3D modeling platform to capture the complexity of their projects. Tekla Structures delivers in spades. Tekla BIMsight enables the entire construction workflow to combine models, check for clashes, and share information — in the same easy-to-use BIM environment — empowering project participants with the insight to solve issues in the design phase, before construction begins.

Case Study: Tekla Structures for Concrete on the Westminster Campus

Case Study: Tekla Structures for Steel on the Westminster Campus

Webinar: Using Tekla Models in Vico Office


Vico Office delivers an integrated BIM workflow for construction projects. Vico Office extends basic 3D models with constructability analysis and coordination, 4D location-based scheduling and production control, and 5D estimating.  Now BIM-based projects, including models from all the popular BIM authoring tools, are managed with rigor, science, and connectivity.  And the integrated workflow means that every time the models are updated with design changes, GCs and CMs immediately see the schedule and budget implications.

Demo: Vico Office Presentation


Organizing and routing construction project data to the people who need it most is what Prolog does best.  RFIs are routed, budgets are reconciled, drawings and documentation are organized – it’s Command Central whether you are walking the site with a tablet, updating contracts in the trailer, or managing project cash flow back at HQ. Prolog is the complete system of record for managing construction project information.

Webinar: What’s New in Prolog 9.7

Webinar: Collaboration at the Speed of Prolog

Webinar: Prolog Unplugged

Blog: Not Your Grandfather’s Project Management


Trimble Field Solutions are ubiquitous on construction jobsites around the world.  The hazard yellow rugged tablets and Robotic Total Stations are hard to miss.  But did you know that this equipment and their critical layout measurements are integrated with the project models in Vico Office and Tekla BIMsight?  Installation points from the coordinated models are exported to the field equipment for layout slab edges, openings, and sleeve penetrations. Using these layout points makes the process much more efficient, as one person can now do the job of three. It also improves accuracy and quality by ensuring that vertical work is aligned and no offsets or rework will be needed during installation.  We also run the process in reverse for quality assurance: points can be captured to validate that field installation matches the coordinated design.

Case Study: RTS with Tekla for Concrete Layout

Case Study: RTS with Tekla for Steel Layout

Case Study: RTS with SketchUp for Exterior Framing and Glazing

Case Study: RTS for Interior Framing Layout


Trimble also provides Laser Scanning hardware and software so your team can compare the as-built conditions with the as-planned design, augment existing 3D data, or even create documentation where none existed on older structures.  You can scan existing mechanical systems to better understand existing conditions and design a new build-out.  You can scan existing structural components to create an architectural or structural model.  And, of course, you can scan to verify what was intended in the model to what has been constructed on-site, whether that be the edge-of-slab after a concrete pour.  You can also scan a floor for level and make the needed adjustments before interior framing.

Webinar: Best Practices for Laser Scanning

Webpage: 4 Use Cases for Laser Scanning

FAQs: Frequently-Asked Questions about Laser Scanning


We recognize that GCs and CMs need and want estimating solutions that fit the way they work. WinEst comes to the table with the industry’s most powerful, robust and adaptable cost-estimating and cost-modeling software—a database-driven estimating solution that uses a highly flexible spreadsheet for creating, adjusting, and presenting estimates.  Having a highly-customizable database allows each contractor to capture their methodology and best practices for creating detailed estimates. 

Webinar: Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with WinEst Estimating

FAQs: Frequently-Asked Questions about WinEst


And Modelogix is the keystone for Trimble Buildings’ construction solutions. Modelogix enables contractors to analyze their project cost history for fast and accurate creation of early-phase budgeting and benchmarking against the final detailed estimate.  We can compare project estimates from WinEst and Vico Office and any other estimating package, as well as reconciled budgets from Prolog.

Webinar: Adding Modelogix to Your Estimating Arsenal

Webinar: Capturing Estimating Experience with Modelogix

Blog: Harnessing Your Estimating IP

FAQs: Frequently-Asked Questions about Modelogix


Finally, VDC Services extends your team’s capabilities overnight.  Whether you need to augment your staff for a new project or learn new BIM workflows and best practices side-by-side, our team is ready. We can customize any package to include:

• Business Development Support
• 2D Change Reports (between two document sets)
• 3D Model Assessment
• 3D Constructability and Coordination
• 4D Schedule Simulation and Optimization
• 5D Model-Based Quantity Takeoff and Estimates
• Laser Scanning and As-Built Models


Trimble Buildings is dedicated to making our customers more productive, more informed, and more profitable.  Together we can build a better world.


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