There is nothing like receiving a care package from home when you are away at school!  We hope that the Vico Student Care Package offers everything professors and students need to get up-to-speed quickly with Vico Office.


Open the box and see what's inside:


Keep the User Guide handy! You can access the Help File as an in-line file at the upper-right-hand side of your Vico Office screen.


Watch the Estimating Training Videos, then the Scheduling Training Videos, then the Production Control Training Videos, and the Reporting Training Videos.  These guides will walk you through the step-by-step process of using Vico Office.  But remember, a software program is no substitute for good planning and estimating skills - there is no easy button to get the right answer.


Vico Office is a database…so every click is a transaction.  There is no back button and no undo.  Be deliberate with your clicks and then lift your hands off the keyboard and wait.  If you do happen to experience an error, remember that because it is a database, no work is lost.  You can start back up and go right back to your transaction.


Each module has a Frequently-Asked Questions page…many with video answers.  Use them.


The 0 to 5D BIM webinar series shows the 5D BIM workflow in action.


The BIM Master Class Series explains the theory behind Vico Office.


The BIM Fidelity and Project Quality Series highlights best practices for working with multiple models from multiple sources.


In the midst of the current recession, hard bids have crept back into the commercial construction landscape.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t do full 5D BIM…BIM in a Hard Bid Webinar Series.


And with you licenses, we also deliver two practice models in Revit and an abbreviated version of our 5D Data Pack so you can get up and running.  But first, watch the webinar on using the 5D Data Pack.


It’s important to understand that “any BIM model” won’t work.  The BIM Models need to be modeled with construction in mind.  To better understand the difference between design-intent models and construction models, we ask that you review the Model Progression Specification resources on our website.  Here are some sample models you can use to get started.  You'll find a massing model, substructure and superstructure, exterior, and MEP models.


It’s important to understand that you can’t just “click it and forget it.”  Good estimating and scheduling skills are still necessary to drive our software.  Just because we have a button that says “get quantities” doesn’t mean that you press it and out pops perfect quantities.  You still need to review them, perhaps even re-calculate some formulas, and apply experience to the quantity takeoff.


As students prepare to enter the job market, it is important that they remember good communication skills, good listening skills, and respect for their colleagues.


If there are additional materials you'd like to see in the Student Care Package, please let us know


vico office student care package