Wrap Up for the Structured Evaluation



wrap up structured evaluation


Welcome and thank you for considering the Vico Office Structured Evaluation.  This video explains what to expect during the next four weeks...and also what we expect from your team in terms of participation, testing, exercises, and dialog. 


Our Structured Evaluation is thorough and in-depth for a reason: you're not buying a box of software, you and your team are investigating your potential BIM strategy - an enterprise decision that involves company culture, competitiveness, and workflow change.  Our goal is to help you discover the power of Integrated Virtual Construction and how your team can harness it.


We hope you find the next four weeks to be very informative and educational as you learn more about the award-winning Vico Office Suite. By having your teammates participate in this process, you will clearly see how quantities by location drive the 5D workflow throughout your firm. 


We are looking forward to working with you and your team throughout the Structured Evaluation process.  Simply click on the video below to get started.


welcome orientation for structured evaluation