User Set Up for the Structured Evaluation

Welcome to the Vico Structured Evaluation.


The first item we would like to address is software installation and user set up.  You can see where this item fits in to our process in the diagram below.


User Set Up Header for Structured Evaluation 


The video below is designed to help you quickly install Vico Office for your evaluation process. It is the first mandatory step in the four week process. After successfully completing the embedded quiz, you will receive the essential Vico Office license files to start your Structured Evaluation Program.


We suggest that you also reference the Vico Office Installation Guide and Vico Office Installation Checklist.  Both are very helpful documents to ensure that you successfuly install and configure the Vico Office Client, modules, license server, and license manager.  If this is your first database installation, we strongly recommend bringing in your IT Manager.  S/he is already very familiar with this type of installation and can help ensure that the necessary permissions are turned on so that your workstation can communicate with the Project Server and with your teammates.


We are looking forward to working with you and your team throughout the Structured Evaluation process.  Simply click on the video below to get started.


user set up and installation for structured evaluation

necessary files icon 



Be certain to download the necessary files which accompany this session. These files may include packed *.vico projects, report templates, images, and other necessary pieces to complete your activities in Vico Office.


associated workbook icon



Download the associated workbook and be certain to distribute to your team members. The workbook includes detailed screencaptures from the video, along with instructions for completing the exercises in the software. The workbook also contains the quiz questions and important discussion starters for your team.


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Video Training


For a more in-depth look at role-specific functionality in Vico Office, be sure to work your way through the Vico Office Video Training Series – consider this resource your personal user guide to the software.  We have sections specifically for Estimators, Planners, PEs and Supers, and all those who create Reports.


FAQs VicoOffice icon



See what other AEC/O professionals have asked about Vico Office.  These FAQs are a great starting point for more detailed discussions with your Vico sales person.