Schedule Planning in Vico Office

Welcome to the Schedule Planning section of the Vico Office Structured Evaluation.


Schedule Optimization Portion for Structured Evaluation


We always say that there are two parts to the scheduling equation: creating the optimal schedule and then managing to it on the jobsite.  This portion of the Structured Evaluation will look specifically at the how-to's for location-based quantities and schedule optimization with flowline principles.


There is much to discover, so let's get started. We recommend gathering the evaluation team in a conference room and projecting the video. Each participant can have the software loaded on their own machine and follow along with the workbook.


Please note that successfully answering the five quiz questions is necessary to advance to the next phase of the evaluation.





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Be certain to download the necessary files which accompany this session. These files may include packed *.vico projects, report templates, images, and other necessary pieces to complete your activities in Vico Office.


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Download the associated workbook and be certain to distribute to your team members. The workbook includes detailed screencaptures from the video, along with instructions for completing the exercises in the software. The workbook also contains the quiz questions and important discussion starters for your team.


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Video Training


For a more in-depth look at role-specific functionality in Vico Office, be sure to work your way through the Vico Office Video Training Series – consider this resource your personal user guide to the software.


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See what other AEC/O professionals have asked about Vico Office.  These FAQs are a great starting point for more detailed discussions with your Vico sales person.



In order to receive the maximum benefit from this evaluation, we strongly encourage you to investigate more resources about our Scheduling solutions. We don't want to confuse clicking on videos with the underlying theory of our solutions, not to mention the best practices that we have honed with our customers over the years.


With Vico Office you get fresh, future-proof technology that goes well beyond sequencing animations and gantt charts.  Welcome to flowline views in which you can see all your crews per location and see how they're performing.  Work within an integrated 3D-4D-5D workflow designed to avoid fire-fighting and eliminate claims.  Under the Lean mantle, Vico scheduling works with Subs, not against them and, in the process, de-risks your project.


This is very different than any system you’ve worked with in the past, so we have packed our website full of resources that can help you learn more:


Our Products: Vico Office LBS Manager and the FAQs

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Webpage: What Is 4D BIM?

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Video: 5D BIM for Dummies

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Blog: Dr. Seppanen's Fit and Finnish Blog on Location-Based Management

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We also offer a step-by-step guide to our 5D virtual construction workflow with video tutorials. These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality. You can access the video library index and view just what you need, or download the complete set of training videos. We have sections for Cost Planning, Reporting, Planning, and Production Control.