The Vico Structured Evaluation Program

Have you always wanted to learn more about Vico's solutions but didn’t know where to start? 


Our Structured Evaluation Program is designed to guide you through our 3D-4D-5D BIM solutions.  The program is specifically for firms who want to go deep with Enterprise BIM: this means moving beyond 3D models to advanced processes for coordination resolution, constructability reviews, scheduling, cost planning, and on-site production control.


*Please note: this program is for qualified General Contractors, CMs, and Builders.  If you are a professor interested in Vico Office for your classroom, please utilize our Education Program.


The Vico Office Structured Evaluation Program is a disciplined four-week program of training, hands-on exercises, videos, workbooks, and meetings to ensure that your team sees how project information flows from one department to another in the 5D Workflow.

We require executive buy-in and sponsorship because we only offer this program to serious firms who are interested in transforming their business. You won't dabble in the software over the four weeks, you'll learn how to develop a business case for 5D BIM.

We ask that you assemble your best team, including an executive sponsor, a scheduler, estimator, PM, PE, and a superintendent. We, in return, commit our time to helping your team learn the highlights of 5D BIM, the best practices we've learned along the way, and answering all your questions.


And then we ask that you check your hardware to make certain it meets our system requirements.


Here are the steps for our Structured Evaluation Program:


Step 1.  Short introductory call confirming the overall goals, the timeline, and the parties that will be involved.

Step 2.  Setup call (can be directly after the intro call), this is to review the operating system, workstation, and network requirements with a member of your IT team.

Step 3.  Training: 2-4 hour online session augmented by our short training movies that show each function in a 2- or 3-minute step-by-step video.

Step 4.  Weekly check in: for the duration of the evaluation the Vico representative and your evaluator agree to a weekly 30-60 minute check-up call to discuss progress, questions, and opportunities. 

Step 5.  Support: telephone support by the designated Vico representative.



This isn't your father's 30-day free trial -- this is a strategic decision about making 5D BIM a core competency at your firm. Let us know when you're ready to get started by registering below.  If you are outside North America, please include a skype name if you have one.  Then we will contact you within one business day and get the wheels rolling.


We look forward to working with you to reveal the benefits of Vico Office for your business.


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