Mission Hospital’s Virtual Mock-Up


This Fridays with Vico features a special case study from the St. Joseph’s Health System: Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, CA. Already well into construction on this exterior cladded addition to the hospital campus, the Owner did what any good patient would do – they asked for a second opinion.


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The first opinion was a $150,000 floor-to-floor height physical mock-up managed by the architect. This mock-up was brought on-site to help the General Contractor on the project to visualize the intersection of the glass curtain wall, the steel cladding, the gusset plate, the waterproofing, and the fireproofing solutions.


Realizing that the waterproofing and fireproofing systems were causing interference with the design, the Owner determined that the constructability risk was too much to bear. In the worst case scenario, leaking and mold could close the entire hospital and incur significant warranty work.


Having worked with us on several projects, St. Joseph’s turned to Vico for a second opinion.  We generated a virtual mock-up: a highly detailed model to quickly analyze design alternatives and solve design and constructability issues. The virtual mock-up has proactively identified and resolved over 50 clashes, not just the gusset plate.


Working with our partner, Tekla, Vico used the steel shop drawings to design the custom connection of all materials and the transitions between elevations. With the baseline model from the shop drawings, the field team was able to come up with resolutions for the conflicts and model those potential fixes in real-time. Tolerances were amended and RFIs were put to bed.


This Fridays with Vico webinar will be delivered in three parts: the Owner’s perspective; the model operator’s perspective; the product manager’s perspective. Each voice adds a different nuance to the case study.


Jim Bostic, assistant vice-president of construction at St. Joseph Health System, will introduce the case study with:

 >> an overview of the hospital property and project sco
 >> a description of the special steel exoskeleton over glas
 >> his decision to ask for a “virtual mock up” to compare to the life-size cross-section physical mock up



Akos Hamar, the Vico Services on-site project manager will demonstrate the virtual mock-up, a highly-detailed model of the precise steel and glass intersections. Akos will walk us through the model, describing:

 >> how the model was used in stakeholder meetings
 >> how the model was used to identify constructability issues
 >> how the field team used the model to solve RFIs


To round out the case study, Marcel Broekmaat, Vico’s product manager for cost planning solutions, will debut the 2009 release of Constructability Manager and 5D Presenter. Marcel will showcase constructability markers and their use to point out clashes and develop constructability reports.


Says St. Joseph’s Jim Bostic, “What I learned, working with Vico, is that a very high level of detail model can replace most of the requirements of a physical mockup. If I had done this earlier on this project, I could have avoided costly changes and delays.”


Please use the form at the bottom of the page to download the archived webinar.


If you don't have time to sit through the recorded movie, please read the Mission Hospital Virtual Mock-Up case study.


See additional site photography of The Mission Hospital here.

This project was recognized with Constructech Magazine's Vision Award.

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See highlights of this Fridays with Vico episode on the video clip below. If the content is meaningful to you and your BIM Team, please use the form at the bottom of this page to download the webinar.



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