Whether you are heading up a project to meet OSHPD regulations or federal building safety guidelines, you know that compliance is the name of the game.  ISAT (International Seismic Application Technology) delivers quality systems and equipment to meet your seismic safety requirements.  So step up your partnership with Vico and ISAT by utilizing our Seismic BIM Services.


Did you know that every hanger and brace can be modeled?  Every penetration and sleeve can be identified in the model, too.  By modeling this information to code, you know you can build to code.


Through a unique integration with Trimble, we are able to offer our Seismic BIM Services for your next project.


How It Works


Just as you model the MEP or HVAC systems, you can model the seismic hardware.  This allows us to locate the x, y, z coordinate points for the concrete insert.  These points in the model can be transferred to the Trimble LM 80 handheld device.  On-site, in conjunction with the robotic Total Station, one person can layout the entire seismic work for a project.


We can also use this integration in reverse.  By recording existing on-site conditions with the Trimble equipment, we can overlay the layouting points on the model to see if the as-built conditions are correct.  The contractor and subcontractors can use the as-built measurements to verify the quality of construction and check acceptable tolerances using the building model. When as-built conditions are combined and overlaid with the model, the contractor can make sure that all structures are built according to specification.  


With Vico and ISAT's Seismic BIM Services, we can incorporate this process of Build-To-Design and Design-To-Build to reduce field rework and allow subcontractors to prefabricate more off-site. The result is reduced field labor hours, therefore reduced cost of the project and savings for all project stakeholders.


Are you ready to incorporate these cutting-edge services in your next project? Be sure to check out our Fridays with Vico episode on seismic regulations, hangers and bracings for MEP, and layouting and installation. 


For more information, please contact: info.services@vicosoftware.com