Vico Customers Webinar Series

After viewing the BIM Master Class Series, the BIM Strategies in a Hard Bid Series, the BIM Model and Project Quality Series, and the Getting to 5D BIM Series, it just makes sense to see how other customers are working with Vico.


Each customer represents a different experience with Vico: some customers start with Vico Services and learn best practices before jumping into the software; others dive right into software; and others do a hybrid approach with software and Vico Project Engineers and/or On-Site Product Managers and/or Expert Modeling Teams.  Others are working closely with us to develop new Virtual Construction best practices.


But you will agree that each customer featured here has made 5D BIM their own competitive advantage.  See what your firm can do with 5D!


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The PCL family of companies is the largest contracting organization in Canada and the 8th largest in the US with annual construction volume of more than $5 billion (CDC). PCL has been an active proponent of VDC for over five years, realizing significant project success.  This webinar shows how Virtual Construction is practiced at PCL, using ten different project case studies and best practices to punctuate the efficiency impact. 


Webcor Builders

While not a case study webinar, per se, this special webinar with Webcor highlights their best practices with the Model Progression Specification. This webinar outlines the use cases and the underlying methodology that Webcor has used to deploy the MPS.  The Model Progression Specification carefully orchestrates the level of detail necessary for each building component in order to model it, schedule it, and analyze it. This data-rich 5D construction model can then be used to answer what-if scenarios, report on cost- and resource-loaded schedules, not to mention cash flow analysis.


St. Joseph Health System

This award-winning project features a virtual mock-up – modeling a very complicated material intersection to ensure the proper fit.  The project won a Vision Award from Constructech Magazine, the AGC’s Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award, and the Best of California (Healthcare) from California Construction Magazine.


Swinerton Builders

This webinar explores four case studies marking Swinerton’s progression from BIM novices to BIM experts.  Swinerton was one of the first adopters of Vico Services, the branch of our business dedicated to introducing our software solutions to project teams, providing complete peer review and best practice recommendations. Today, Swinerton Builders are modeling experts who have translated their BIM knowledge into complete IPD services for Owners.


Hoar Construction and the Customer Success Plan

Hoar Construction takes the microphone in this Fridays with Vico episode highlighting the Customer Success Plan. The team at Hoar stresses the importance of the CSP's rigor and discipline, recounts their learnings from the programs, and shares their successes and wins.


Hensel Phelps

This webinar highlights the work on the Denver Justice Center project, a $285M GMP involving over 780,000 gsf of courtrooms and detention facilities. This complex project, including public spaces, a parking garage, and underground tunnels, incorporated over $40M of concrete. Viewers learn how the Hensel Phelps team was able to generate the quantities and estimates for all of the self-performed concrete work on the project. 


Suffolk Construction

One month after Suffolk handed over the keys to the Torrey Pines Molecular Lab, they decided to perform a post-mortem on the project. With the owner happy with results and the field team satisfied with the building pace, safety, and quality, the Business Development Team and the Project Manager wondered if there were any areas for improvement. Hear for yourself what they found in this very unique after-the-fact analysis.


No Change Orders at St. Jude Hospital

In this unique case study webinar, we explore two important facets of coordination resolution: real-time modeling and in-wall coordination. Working directly with the space end-users, the doctors and nurses, we allowed them to design workspaces that maximized efficiency. The goal was zero change orders - see how we did.


Klorman Construction at the LAX Terminal Expansion Project

Klorman Construction outlines their technology strategy for bidding, building, and delivering the Tom Bradley International Terminal expansion project at LAX. Klorman chose Trimble Buildings solutions including Tekla, Prolog, and Vico to complete the new terminal. See ROI statements from this project along with unique workflow for project management, BIM modeling and clash avoidance, location-based scheduling and estimating.


Building Out Your Core VDC Team

There are many strategies to building out your core VDC Team. Some firms create a BIM Department or Task Force with resources deployed on each project. This case study webinar examines the path taken by Hoar Construction in Birmingham, Alabama. During the Trimble Customer Success Plan, they also rolled out a new estimating database, Project Progression Planning, and executive sponsorship for their new team.




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Vico Customers Webinar Series