Why Owners Choose Vico

Everyone understands that BIM technologies make it possible to collaborate early on a project to identify and resolve problems on-screen instead of on-site. But it's the combination of virtual construction technologies and methodologies that create a level playing field where Owners, architects, general contractors, and subcontractors collaborate with transparency for the good of the project. 


This is why Owners choose Vico: together we build the project once on the computer where we can solve constructability issues, derive model-based schedules, and provide multiple cost plans.  Together we partner to provide a visually-dynamic environment for discussing what-if-scenarios.  Then we move on-site to successfully complete the project, all the while managing to the budget and schedule, coordinating the trades, and solving problems with model-based precision.


We have put together resources specifically for Owners who want a different type of building experience.  Just fill out the form below to receive these pieces.  Then review the Owner's BIM Checklist - a listing of capabilities and deliverables we can bring to your current project.  Decide what makes sense for your project and we can walk you through more detailed descriptions of the services.  Then take a look at a Sample Vico Proposal for Services to see how BIM Services might look for your project.


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