We see it throughout the industry.  Lots of GCs say they do BIM - but how can an Owner tell the difference between the BIM Washers and the Genuine Article?  Your competition has started to win business with BIM, but what do they really have under the hood?  Your firm has a modeling expert and delivers clash detection in Preconstruction, so how do you stack up?

This leads us to a new question: What’s your BIM Score? 


Vico offers a special BIM Scorecard that allows your firm to evaluate your current solutions for clash detection, scheduling, and estimating in terms of three aspects: functionality/capability, best practices, and enterprise integration. Grade your firm and see where your score falls.  The BIM Scorecard will also point out the opportunities to move the needle to the right. 


Then try taking the test for your competition.  Are they winning more business because their BIM Score is higher? 


Just follow the link below to the online questionnaire. Based on your answers to the 27 questions, we'll calculate your BIM Score!  And then it’s up to you if you want dial it up.


Calculate Your BIM Score



If GC's wore their BIM Score on a jersey, what would yours say?


if GCs wore their BIM Score on a jersey