BIM Model Quality Series

This popular Fridays with Vico webinar series focuses on ways to improve BIM model quality and fidelity.  Two aspects which can be "tuned up" no matter the development stage or timeline in the project.


If you are starting a new BIM project from scratch with committed partners, include an MPS planning workshop to clearly state goals for modeling, coordination, scheduling, and estimating.


The Model Progression Specification 3.0

Since 2005 we have continued to evolve the Model Progression Specification. The first version was adopted by the AIA and was titled the E202. The second version introduced Aspects and their Classes to further refine the information required by estimators and schedulers. The MPS 3.0 introduces us to Primitives which are generic building elements properly named and associated with costing data and task data. In this episode, we show you how to start using Primitives in your new project.


When you are ready to apply your MPS work to a new project, use the 5D Data Pack as a clever shortcut.


The 5D Data Pack

When we are constructing a new BIM model, the 5D Data Pack allows us to select common model elements and their estimating and scheduling information and drag and drop the pieces into our new project. This is a shortcut to creating a perfectly integrated 5D model, complete with estimate and schedule.


When you want to pull together all the data on your project, turn to the Vico Office Reporting Engine.


Vico Office Reporting Engine

Vico Office allows every project stakeholder to create customized, real-time construction project reports. Owners appreciate these highly-visual reports. They are unique in the market because the 3D model geometry is integrated with the 4D schedule data and the 5D estimate.  So when the design changes, the schedule and estimate are automatically updated.


If you have just joined a new project and the design team and/or subs have already prepared models, consider checking them to make sure they are applicable for construction purposes.


BIM Model Quality Assessment and Grading

How can you tell if the BIM models you received from the design team and subs can be used for construction coordination, scheduling, and estimating?  Vico can quality check your model and grade it for completeness, determining if it can be repurposed for construction. If the Quality Assurance and Refinement service identifies problems with the model that the customer would like repaired, we provide a fixed price proposal for performing the needed work. We then work in collaboration with the General Contractor ensuring the model meets the strict project requirements. Or your team can take the quality report and a template content plan and repair or add to the model as needed.


If you are joining a project already under way and you would like to lead to coordination efforts, consider our Lean approach to clash detection and coordination.  Not only is it much more efficient, but we can take the process farther to include 2D installation drawings and a 6D model for the Owner.


Coordination Resolution

We have documented a Lean Construction methodology for moving quickly and efficiently through the coordination process.  We have documented that it is indeed 40% faster than traditional clash and coordination.  Our System Priority Structure enforces that we work on one system at a time, moving elements only within our agreed upon rules , and documenting only the most difficult clashes for the design team.  The natural extensions of this new methodology are 2D installation drawings for the subs and a 6D model for the Owner including submittals and material preferences.


If you want to offer Owners a special  service to let occupants have the final say in room layouts and flow, consider Vico’s approach for real-time modeling and in-wall coordination.


Real-Time Modeling and In-Wall Coordination

In this unique case study webinar, we explore two important facets of coordination resolution: real-time modeling and in-wall coordination. Working directly with the space end-users, doctors and nurses, we allowed them to design workspaces that maximized efficiency. The goal was zero change orders - see how we did.


If you have a new series of bids or BIM projects that require expert modelers, corodination specialists, schedulers, or estimators, consider Vico Services, the BIM consulting team from Vico Software. 


Cost Saving Strategies for BIM Staffing and Project Deployment

Many customers utilize project experts from the Vico Services Team to supplement their staffing for new bids and/or new BIM projects.  We offer several options to help GCs quickly build their bench: 5D Expert Project Teams on Retainer, On-Site Project Managers, On-Site Project Engineers, and training programs to help them promote leaders from within.  Deliverables include business development presentations, 3D constructability analysis, the BIM model quality check described in the webinar above, the Coordination Resolution process described in the webinar above, pull scheduling workshops, 4D schedules, production control with your superintendent, and creating the 5D cost plan for your project.


Watch the webinars at your desk or just use a projector and organize a “lunch and learn” for your team in the conference room.  If your questions aren’t addressed in the Q&A session, pick up the phone and give us a call.  We would love to hear your thoughts and get a discussion going.


Download the Series: BIM Model Fidelity and Project Quality