Prolog for Construction Project Risk Mitigation

We all understand that today’s construction projects are operating on paper-thin margins.  3% in this economy is considered a windfall.  Between design changes, site conditions, and administrative double entry, much of the profits can be eaten away on simple mistakes.  So how do competitive construction firms better manage their projects and reduce financial risk?  One word.  Prolog.


Prolog is Lean Construction’s answer to one source of the truth for project data.  It is Command Central for all project paperwork, approvals, and conversations, neatly tied into your financial system of record.  But more importantly, it is a construction Project Manager’s risk mitigation strategy for the financial aspects of the project.  How?  Prolog offers one connected system for the field, trailer, and HQ; one connected system for drawings, RFIs, change orders; one connected system for cost controls: the budget, the commitments, invoices, payments, and cash flows.


Project financial liquidity cannot be managed solely on budget versus actuals.  Quite honestly, that is reporting after the fact.  But Prolog’s unique cost control capabilities make every project stakeholder responsible for bringing in the project on-time and on-budget.


• Subcontractors trigger system notifications which alert PMs to potential problems with RFIs which include cost implications, schedule impacts, and even design alterations;
• RFIs are routed using automated workflows to gather new information quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times and the risk of crew demobilizations;
• Any-time-any-where access to project data speeds the decision making process;
• The built-in audit trail for all decisions means faster time to action and accountability;
• Accurately forecast trends and stop add-on costs before they start;
• All the information at your fingertips to build claims – or defend against them.


Prolog’s process rigor is applied to cost control, field administration, file management, document control, purchasing, and reporting, too.  This means risk avoidance across all aspects of the project.  This could mean 5% instead of 3%.  This means financial clarity and liquidity, not just for the project, but for the firm.


Prolog is the industry standard for comprehensive construction project management.  With over 100,000 users world-wide, on desktops, iPADs, and mobile devices, it is the clear choice for winning back precious margins.