Frquently-Asked Questions about Prolog

Prolog is a unique construction project management software solution, designed especially for builders by the team at Trimble Buildings.  With our heritage in field hardware and software, we strive to collect and distribute real-time project information to the stakeholders who need it: when they need it - where they need it - and how they need it.  The same holds true with Prolog.  RFIs and Issues are diligently routed to the correct teammates with the necessary information to make data-driven decisions.  Each item is framed in the consequences - what will this decision mean in terms of budget and schedule?  That is a far cry from software packages written from the point of view of accounting and finance.  Think about it - how would you rather organize your building project?


Here are questions we have received from other firms like yours.  We have organized them into general categories for Prolog Manager, Prolog Converge, and Prolog Mobile, as well as browser support, dashboards, security/permissions, integrations, and general questions.  If you don't see your question asked and answered, please let us know - we are happy to help you learn more about Prolog construction project management from Trimble Buildings.


General Questions about Prolog


Q:  Is there an overlap between Prolog and Proliance?

A:  Trimble is not only focused on general contractors and construction managers, but also Owners… and other stakeholders who participate in the design-build-operate lifecycle of a construction project. Prolog is focused at the general contractor and construction managers at risk that are out there and what they need to do to manage a construction project. We also have a product called Proliance that’s focused more from the Owner’s perspective and how they view the world in the lifecycle of a construction
project.  So as an Owner I may be choosing to build a new facility to serve some functional program and I look at things very differently than a general contractor. A perfect example is that a general contractor’s role is to limit their risk and drive a profit. Whereas the Owner may be interested in ways they can save money, too; their fundamental businesses are different. So Proliance is geared at the workflows and business problems the way that the Owner looks at the world and Prolog is focused on the general contractor.


Q:  Can Crystal Reports allow inserting pictures into a punchlist report so that efficiency items have a photo as a reference?
A:  You can insert static pictures, but not the photos from the files tab.


Q:  Can you track changes of a document uploaded to Prolog? Like the previous version of a CAD file or a figure?
A:  Versioning control is built in to our document control module. We also can manage check in/checkout capabilities.


Q:  What’s the best way to extract or access custom checklist data entries to run stats across multiple entries?
A:  One of the things that was added in 9.7 were data groups related to the checklist module. So now there can be queries and reports with everything built around the custom checklist module.


Q:  In the UK the government mandates public projects must be stored data wise in the UK. Are there Prolog servers in the UK to facilitate this?
A:  We run into this in Canada due to the Patriot Act from the U.S. government. A lot of foreign companies need to have their solution set up in-country. I know that we have facilities in Canada. I am not sure what’s available in the UK, but the possibility is there that you can set this up completely outside of the U.S. if that’s what you require.


Q:  Is the information stored on a Prolog cloud or an internal server? Where does the information go?
A:  It depends on your choice about how you want to deploy the solution. We do have a cloud offering and it’s called Prolog Sky and it allows Trimble to manage the data, database, and all the IT overhead related to it and your people would just subscribe to that as a service. Or many of our customers use that with their own IT with their own infrastructure. We accommodate both of those options, so it’s up to you.


Q:  We have issues on importing data from an excel spreadsheet. If I type the company name rather than the ID number in the excel sheet it has an error. Am I doing something wrong?

A:  It really does need to be the ID as that is what it is looking for. And that can get a little tricky because you don't always know your ID but you know the company name.


Q:  Could you show us how to export submittal or RFI logs?

A:  As far as exporting there are multiple ways to do it. Some people use reports, some insight, etc. The easiest way is the query manager to do that. You can also actually export to excel and other formats from "converge views" So if you get a view that's filtered down to exactly what you want to see you can export the records from the screen directly to excel for example. And with import as well Converge has the ability to accept excel spreadsheets in specific formats that contain data such as submittal register information. You can email those in and have them imported into your project.


As far as exporting out of Prolog Manager it's just opening Query manager... Let's say I want to export all of my submittal items... I create a new query with "add query" go to general tab and put in description if you want to. Then pick data group. If I want to send
everything it's just a matter of double clicking and it picks every field and I can export it to excel .


Q:  Could you touch on company duplicate?

A:  We have a duplicate company manager that is pretty useful but is a bit temperamental and it is meant for a power user really. It is to address the situation where companies have an acquisition and you want to merge two companies and their contacts together. Or let's say someone creates a company and one person puts in "Acme Corporation" and the other puts in "Acme Corp." and you need to somehow merge those.


Q:  How do you import 500 plan sheets that are individual PDFs?

A:  There are a couple of things to take into consideration. If you just want to upload files we have the quick upload feature where you can basically go to the file management and just browse to whatever location and upload them. We also have a tool called the project file capture and that will monitor a folder either on a LAN or FTP site and pull in files any time either something has changed or there is a new file posted and it will direct it to the file management system. Some companies use that in their field offices as paper documents come in and a lot of times there's an admin person that scans every piece that comes in and that scanner deposits those files to a location. Prolog with file capture will monitor that so everything that is scanned is put into electronic form.


Q:  Can Prolog be applied to all phases of the lifecycle like design and closeout in addition to the construction phase?
A:  Yes it can.  In fact we’re finding that a lot of people are using Prolog early in the process around answering questions and gathering all of the project information.  They like having it in one central system so that as things move into construction the construction people can see what has happened up to date. It’s a continuous workflow throughout the process. So the answer is yes, people start using it as early as conception of a project all the way through closeout and turnover to the owner.


Q:  Is there going to be a Prolog user conference this year or early next year?

A:  We are going to join forces with the Trimble Dimensions convention that happens in 2014. So we will have a Trimble Buildings piece of that conference and we'll be able to meet with the individual brands.


Q:  Can you send hyperlinks to multiple files at the same time such as submittal, transmittal, and submittal packages?
A:  Yes that is a capability. It would require some configuration but we could sit you down with some of our training personnel if you would like and we can show you how you can do that.


Q:  We’re an electrical subcontractor that uses our own copy of Prolog and we are having to double enter or info into the GC system. If the GC uses Prolog is there an easier way to transfer that RFI or other record to their Prolog instance?
A:  Yes and we will put you in touch with the right person to give you some options on how you can do that.


Q:  Can the DJR completed by multiple foremen be rolled up into one report and sent to the GC?
A:  Absolutely, that was the intent of the new module: that each person can put in their daily work journal and then we can roll that up through the Daily Field Report module and send that up to the GC.


Q:  Can you view BIM drawings or models on Prolog mobile?
A:  Right now on Prolog Mobile there is no viewer for the BIM model. You would need a BIM viewer such as Tekla BIMsight.


Q:  Are there any size or file type limitations for document and file management? For example, can it handle large BIM and CAD files?
A:  There are no limitations on the size of the file other than the amount of data that you are using. Data storage is inexpensive these days. There are some practicality limits around that.  If you’re out at a job site where there is less than broadband connectivity, you may be frustrated if they have really long download times.


Q:  At the end of the project is there a way to save the complete project to a disc or a CD?
Absolutely, that’s  a built-in tool for administrators. They can simply burn a DVD or an external drive that we can hand over to our customers at the end of a project. It would capture all of the information related to the project into that format.


Q:  Does your system offer automatic reminders for open communications like RFI’s and submittals?
A:  Absolutely – these reminders always contain a hyperlink to the details.  And remember there’s also the built-in workflow where we saw the workflow diagram. Escalation properties are also built into the system and there are multiple ways to send notifications according to your business processes.


Q:  How can emails be sent out with people in BCC?

A:  This is a configuration setting with the Prolog Converge Admin Tool (see screenshot below).


Prolog Converge Admin Tool


Q:  Are email notifications sent through my own email client? Will recipients of my email see my domain or will I require a new email address?
A:  Emails and notifications are sent out through the server. The domain would be available but usually email communications would say something like “” (your administrator can determine the email address that you want it to come from).  It would not show your personal email address.


Q:  Can you send files that are in your DMS system to others without them having Converge access?

A:  Yes, it does have the capability to do that. Our philosophy is that you really want to maintain a level of auditability around the information that’s being pushed out of the system. So one of the big challenges is some frustration with IT where you’ll attach a large drawing and try to email that out to somebody.  And then it hits a filter on somebody else’s email where they never receive it because it was too big. So it didn’t get delivered. And then the burden it puts on your IT staff with all those files getting sent through your exchange server.  So what we do is streamline that whole process and provide a hyperlink back to the information. That way when somebody wants to access information there is security around what they are accessing. 


Here’s a real world example of why this is important. While working on the DFW airport expansion program, about two years into the project 9/11 happened. And all of a sudden the TSA came in and demanded, “Who is interacting with this information? And what are they doing with it?”  Because we were using Prolog we were able to tell them “Here’s who has access to all of the drawings and here’s what they’re doing with it.” So you can save yourself a lot of times by having some level of auditability and control of information that’s coming in and out of the system.


Q: How can pictures be integrated into reports. Who can I contact for support on this? I have been told by tech support this isn't possible.
A: The reports that were shown with pictures were created by using a shared folder accessible by the Prolog Converge server, and then using uploaded pictures with filenames that were identical to the project names.   The image was inserted into the Report by pointing to c:\foldershare\<projectname>.jpeg.  One of the bigger challenges in creating these types of reports is coming up with a naming convention that will work for your organization.  I probably should clarify in case it wasn’t obvious, that what was demonstrated is not “out-of-the-box” functionality – it requires that a custom report be built, either using your own in-house expertise, or by contracting with our Services or one of our very talented and experienced Partners.
We are, however, actively looking at how we could provide “out-of-the-box” reports that have embedded photo capabilities.  We’re working towards making that available in an upcoming release.
Q: With the use of word merge is there an option to have these print to PDF before they are distributed rather than sending an editable file? Or do these need to be manually saved and sent?
A: Using Prolog Converge, Word Merge documents can absolutely be printed directly to PDF before they are distributed. 


Q:  Does the purchasing module allow for contractor prequalification? Does it allow for tender document assembly, tendering process, recommendation and award process, and construction completion and certification process?

A:  Yes, we do have vendor prequalification where you put a link off your website… people can click on that link, they don’t need to have a license and they can fill out the information that they need and then Prolog would take that through a workflow where that vendor would get approved and put in to the system. Then with any sort of tendering or procurement packages that you have moving forward we will create that tendering package and send out notifications to people to invite them to bid. They can then come in and submit their bids online. Or if you’re using a sealed bid process you can gather that information and put it in the system. And then we have a way to
level and analyze the bids and actually award contracts or purchase orders directly from Prolog. And then we do have certification and close out processes around that. And once you have all your subs, you can sort according to their bonding capability or insurance expiration date.  You can document their safety ratings, your contract history with them and start developing rich construction client relationship information about all of our subcontractors and owners in the system to use in future bids. And then don’t forget that we can take all of that information and push it back to WinEst as far as what the bids were so that we can kind of close the loop with estimating and make sure that they are always estimating more accurately. So it’s a very powerful solution.


Q:  If you have Prolog and Converge 9.6 do you have to do a complete reinstall for 9.7?

A:  We provide really good documentation for all new releases.  When you go to install
there’s a Read Me file and a Help File that will tell you whether or not you need to uninstall before you reinstall the new one. But in this specific release you should just be able to go in and upgrade the application, without uninstalling it first.


Q:  Besides pinning an item on a drawing can you annotate drawings in Prolog? Can you cloud them?

A:  Absolutely. When you tag an item to the drawing you can attach any drawing in your drawing file that you use to push out to the ipad and you can annotate, mark up,
and do things right on the drawing or you can do that with pictures, as well. So we have that annotation capability not only for drawings, but also for pictures, PDF documents, and Word documents. It would then be attached to whatever business process you were doing out in the field - it could be a punch list, an RFI, etc.


Q:  Can notifications be configured to include file attachments such as photos that explain an RFI question?

A:  That's a relatively common request but there are some challenges we'd have to overcome if we are going to do that. But it is something we are exploring.


Q:  Is there anything in Prolog to track warranty claims?
There is a complete closeout log and issues log. With our closeout log we can track all warranty related issues and tie those back to a contract to make sure that everything is closed out and all of the warranty items are done. But we also have the issues module where you can track all of those warranty type issues. But remember a lot of times these things may come from different sources. So we can capture rich content from the field (maybe it’s a checklist around how skylights were put in place, what things were done to it, which people trained on it, were there warranty items that needed to be tied into the contract as part of closeout?  All of those things are available in the system.


Q:  Are punch list items going to be searchable or sortable by area and inspection type in Prolog 9.7?
Yes, we added the whole hierarchy around the checklist types so if you select a particular building it’s going to limit the rooms and floors and everything specific to that. And you can configure how you want to set up those hierarchies.

Prolog Manager Questions


Q:  If you’re an office-based project manager can you take your office laptop to the field and if there is a Wi-Fi connection VPN back to the office-based Prolog?

A:  Yes, you can take your laptop out and VPN back into the Prolog solution… But also remember we have Prolog Converge and Prolog Mobile, the web and tablet based solutions to eliminate that whole VPN step.  And you can just access the website or your tablet and get right at the same kind of information you need to. It’s really your choice, if your company is a little more security conscience and wants you to VPN in first we absolutely do that and have been doing that for years. But you may want to talk to your IT people and say “Hey, there’s a very secure way to access the information through a web portal if you want to do that.”



Prolog Converge Questions


Q:  Does Converge still need Prolog Manager as its core system?

A:  The Prolog solution includes a web-based access for the trailer, the mobile solution for the jobsite, and the desktop product for HQ.  So yes, you need one license of
Prolog Manager to manage the security and administer the system.  You need at least one instance and license of the solution.


Q:  You mentioned a speed enhancement for Prolog Converge. Is that an overall navigational enhancement of the view of records or only a speed enhancement of data included in grids inside those records?
We’ve completed a full web modernization effort on all of our forms. As you go in you’ll notice that things load and interact much faster and that does include the grid, but it’s more than just the grid. So we’ve really taken a modernization to our web based product Prolog Converge and we’d love to have you install 9.7 and give it a test drive because we’ve been getting some great feedback from our larger construction customers.


Q:  How do we unclose items after they've been closed in Converge? Can we do that?

A:  You can. There are a couple of ways... The admin can do it or you can do it in Manager.


Q:  If you're using Converge on the iPad which controls are the Silverlight controls?

A:  If you're using the advanced version of file management with the check in and checkout that is all Silverlight. The graphic workflow is Silverlight. Word merge and the BCF viewer component  is also Silverlight.


Q:  Can the notifications be configured for Converge as well?

A:  Notifications can be fully configured. We have a dozen or more notifications that come right out of the box. And those can be further tweaked or brand new ones can be created from scratch. We have a two day notification creation class for those people that want to do that.


Q:  Will Converge activity ever be available similar to how PM and PW activity was available under Tools/ Data Base Activities/ Activity Log?

A:  We would like to and we have been making good progress in this direction. For those companies that want to use Converge to have all the functionality that they had in Prolog Manager we are trying to move as close as we can to that.  The caveat being we are not going to put every single thing in there. There are certain features in
Prolog Manager that people just don't use and it's not worth us spending our time. For example Metric Manager. We will probably take a different approach to tracking things like metrics and performance indices. But that's just one example of something we probably won’t migrate. But things that make sense we definitely would like to migrate.


Because it's data in the database you can modify and create your own list definitions within Converge Admin to expose that data right now if you wanted to. It is very possible with just a little work to do that within Converge Admin.


Prolog Mobile Questions


Q:  Will submittals be included on the iPad at any point in the near future?

A:  The Submittal Register module will be available on the iPad in the next major release.


Q:  What’s the difference between online mode and offline mode?

A:  Online mode would allow you to go out in the field and if there’s a connection through your ipad, you could synchronize the information in real time as you’re walking around.  What offline mode allows you to do is synchronize the data to the ipad and then go out in the field, capture all of the information without being connected to the internet, and then synchronize that information back up in the trailer.

The reason that we have those two modes is that we work in some areas where infrastructure isn’t in place yet.  There is no access in the field because we’re constructing the infrastructure. This allows your team to go out in offline mode where there is no internet connectivity (or where cellular is too expensive to be connected all the time) and simply synchronize that info back when they have Wi-Fi or a wired connection.


Q:  On Prolog Mobile is there any purchase order capability for superintendents to write PO’s in the field?

A:  Currently we have not identified the purchase order capability on the ipad – however, you can do that if you log into the website. So if you needed a purchase and went back to the job trailer it is available through the website. But if that’s something that is critical for your role to function in the field we would love to hear feedback from you. So if I can reach out to you after the webinar I would really like to understand why
you need that capability and how we can maybe put that into a future release of
the product.


Q:  Is it possible to compress file size, specifically for photos within Prolog Mobile? The internal camera can sometimes take very large photos which can be a little heavy.
A:  We will be looking to add options in the future which allow the user to control the size of the uploaded file. Because reducing the size may reduce the quality, the user will have the option to keep the original file size or reduce it.


Q:  Could you explain what benefits Mobile would have for generating and checking off punch lists?
A:  We have a full punch list module on the ipad so you can take it out to the field and create a punch list with very rich content captured in the field. Users can add actual pictures and video of what’s going on and also managing all of the punch list items and tagging that to drawings where it makes sense and producing the reports that divvy up which subcontractors need to fix what items. And distributing that out to the entire project team whether that is the owner, architect, subcontractor or you own staff to make sure that it is done in a timely manner and we get those punch list items done so we can get off the job and close it out.


The Plan View in the Prolog Mobile for iPad application can also be very helpful in recording exactly where a Punch List item is according to your floor plans, allowing the responsible party to easily find it. Using the built-in filters, users can quickly fly through their project plans and locate Punch List items which need their attention.


Q:  Will Prolog Mobile have access to viewing the document control section or is that limited to the field admin section?
Right now the workflows that we have chosen to extend out to the Prolog Mobile product are more of the field applications. But there are some document control modules that are available on the ipad itself. If you notice there are things like RFI’s, hotlist, issues tracking, and checklist modules. We have extended some of the document control modules where it makes sense for field personnel.  If there are more of those modules you need extended out into the field we’d love to hear from you so we can get that into our process and meet our customer needs.


Q:  How do we sync drawings for use in the field?
Through configuration you can choose which file folders get pushed out to the field. Whenever you put something in that folder structure to sync down, it will automatically sync down at the next synchronization.  You just have to tell it which folders get pushed down to the Mobile device.


Q:  How does offline resolve potential conflicts with other users that occur between syncs of the ipad?
The way that it’s always worked in our system is that the person that save first wins. But if you both had an open record and you try to synchronize back, it would warn you and let you know that “hey, the data has changed, what do you want to do?”


Q:  How do you post RFI’s to the drawings and get that information out to a Mobile device?
The RFI module does sync down to the Mobile device and from the RFI module you can have references to different drawings. That’s built into the best practices workflow - already a tool out of the box.


Q:  Are there any webinars dealing specifically with tablet navigation that are either recorded or in the works?

A:  I would refer you to the Prolog 9.7 webinar. We spent a little more time on the tablet there.


Q:  Do you know how much bandwidth or internet service memory (something like 5Mb of service with a provider) synching Prolog from an iPad uses?  From the field we like to sync often and it would be good to know how much service we’re using as a company.
There are ways to do that on your iPad where you can look at how much data has been synched. 



Integrations with Other Products and Other Trimble Buildings Solutions


Q:  Can we connect Prolog to Vico yet?

A:  We are very excited about the development potential between the Meridian, WinEst, and Vico brands. In fact we just saw a closed loop integration for estimating with Modelogix, WinEst, and Prolog all working together seamlessly in a previous webinar.  And then one week later we saw the integration between Tekla model organizer and the Vico-Tekla publisher - all for better quantity takeoffs. If you would like to offer up and ideas or specific workflows or connection points, we’re open to the ideas and would like to hear them. So let’s schedule some time to meet and we can talk about specifically what you are looking for and the functionality that you are trying
to achieve.


Q:  How would Prolog interact with the accounting system? Let’s say Sage Construction.

A:   We have the ability to integrate with any financial system out there through our web
services platform. And in fact, most of most of our larger customers do choose to integrate Prolog into their financial system. I think we would want to sit down to understand specifically what you’re trying to achieve and what the
business rules are around that integration… And then we’ll be able to provide you with a solution or project charter of how these two systems would integrate together. But obviously there’s some more discussion that needs to take place. There’s no CFO or accounting person that’s going to just let you simply push data into their financial system. So we really need to make sure that everybody’s comfortable and that the business rules are all addressed. But we do have a lot of customers that we can introduce to you - real world examples of the successful integration between Sage and


Q:  Does the software integrate with accounting software directly? Does it replace accounting software?
A:  No, we are not looking to replace accounting software. We know that accounting software is critical to producing financial statements and running the finances of a construction company.


What we are really focused on are the project aspects of that and the correct level of detail and operational, forward-looking cost control that a project needs. So from a project perspective I want to see what’s coming at me and what risks are out there. From an accounting system I may only care about what happened last week, billing cycle, quarter, or year. 


We always have the ability to integrate that data to make even better business decisions for both operational and financial systems.  We would love to sit down and talk with you to figure out how we can improve your business process across these two different disciplines: Project control/management and accounting/finance.


Q:  What enterprise file storage solutions such as Citrix Sharefile and others is Trimble working with to integrate large scale file interface to Prolog? Or is there a means to interface these solutions to the Prolog DMS currently?

A:  We don't have anything out of the box today but we've integrated with a whole bunch of them. Including Docushare, Sharepoint, Documentum and we've just completed an integration with Dropbox in the last couple of months and that's been very well received. These are all customer-specific integrations. We are going to explore whether or not we can privatize some of these. We do have some privatized integrations form days past where we integrated with Bentley Projectwise and that was built right into Prolog. So that might come up in the future but I think the Dropbox one is the one we get the most requests for today.


Q:  How is the Bluebeam link different form just attaching files in the files tab?

A:  Bluebeam has very real strong capabilities around PFD mark up. Our file management and markup is more generic. It's good but it's not specific to just PDFs. We have the ability to view and redline virtually any file type and we are getting ready to upgrade that so you can redline the very latest files from AutoCAD, Bentley etc. But Bluebeam is very specific to PDFs and they do a good job in creating a collaborative workspace where people can come in and review and approve drawings in PDF format together. What's different is instead of putting the files in our file management system and managing them there you manage them in the Bluebeam reviews system and you just link to them there.


Q:  Can just the document management system be integrated into a Sharepoint online?
That functionality is available. We completely integrate with Sharepoint’s document management system. It would require some configuration to make that happen and we would be happy to show you that.


Q:  Does the URL for the Bluebeam contain model communication?

A:  Yes, the simple link allows you to get great value out of both Prolog and Bluebeam together.


Q:  Could you please repeat the list of items that use Silverlight? I have BCF Viewer, Word Merge Wizard and I'm guessing enhanced versioning?

A:  That's correct. The enhanced FMS and also the Visual Workflow Diagram that is on the routing tab. And also the Drawing and Specs Update Wizard.


Q:  I'd really like to attach emails from Outlook somehow. Even though this is a notification system is there a way to pull in additional conversations that we've had in Outlook?

A:  We do offer email integration today where a user can send any email they want to into Prolog. And then we have extended functionality on top of that which allows you to use emails almost as forms to generate information in Prolog. It also supports setting up email addresses so you can actually set up a project email address and forward your email to it. And that will actually configure Prolog Converge to store those automatically into the Prolog manager conversation, transmittal log or even the Prolog manager messages log. So there are several different tools that you can use for that.



Questions about Security and Permissions


Q:  How do subcontractors gain access to Prolog? Do they have to buy the software themselves?

A:  Subcontractors can buy Prolog themselves and use it to manage their subcontracting business. But we also see a lot of times where the general contractor will buy a pool of licenses or what we call collaborative licenses that anybody on the project team can use. So you really have a lot of flexibility.


Q:  As a subcontractor you wouldn’t want to have the same level of control as project manager. Does the subcontractor have their own dashboard? Is it limited I some way? How do the permissions work?
We have role-based permissions that are very granular down to the field level. And once they are set up they’re honored by all of the applications, reports, and dashboards. So the answer is yes, you could have a subcontractor specific dashboard that just relates to the things that a subcontractor would need to see and security would be honored.


Q:  Is there any plan for implementing conditional security? For example, I'd like our subcontractors to be able to log in and see all RFIs but only edit their own records.

A:  Currently if a user has edit rights they can edit any record in that module.

It is a request we've had over the years but different people have different ideas of what that means so we would like to know what you would be thinking of on this and have that conversation.


Q:  In edit properties mode on a field can you set a user security level so that the user can only change that field value for the project and can't change it for the database? Are there multiple admin levels you can set?

A:  Yes. It is not done on the field properties it is done in our security manager. Every person can be tied to a role and every role is tied to different permissions.  If you want
that person to have one set of one set of permissions on one project and one set of permissions on another you can do that. You just say on project A this person has role A and on project B this person has role B. So in role A maybe they have full access to all of the fields for example an RFI and on role B maybe the only thing they are allowed to do is submit an answer and some other basic information.



Questions about Dashboards


Q:  I was told that in order to have different dashboards you would need to go through professional services and that turning off rights to things like cost won’t work. Did this change in 9.7?

A:  Dashboards will honor security so there’s a deeper question that we may need to discuss further. It’s true that dashboards are created by our professional services organization and we’re looking to always extend that flexibility and functionality out to our end users.


Q:  Under project overview the project blog and the project weather are shown. Is that out of the box?
It’s a configuration. It took 5 minutes to set that up this morning.

Browser, Operating System, and Tablet Compatibility Questions


Q:  In project weather I have the current weather conditions and I also have the opportunity to store a construction site daily weather report for documentation. Has anyone come up with a way to take those weather conditions we are getting from the URL we are pointing to and turn that into a construction site weather report?

A:  We haven't and that's a real good suggestion. I had one client talk to me about how they had a local firm they worked with to get their weather data and instead of getting it from a national weather site or local weather site it's important for legal reasons that they get their weather conditions from the site itself. So they have to set up their own weather monitoring hardware and things like that. So it's a relatively common request
and it's something that we don't do today but I think would provide some value. The challenge right now is that there are so many different weather sites to
pick from.


Q:  Could we import a 3D model into the project space instead of just a picture?

A:  You could. Right now it's just images so the 3D image would have to be a stationary 3D image. At this point we don't have that particular space with the control. It's designed to just work with jpegs, gifs, and bitmaps. We are looking at extending the file viewing capabilities to 3D viewers sometime in the future.


Q:  Does the dashboard honor data group permissions?

A:  It does.


Q:  Instead of pointing to a weather URL could we point to a high tide URL or something that told us about any type of dangerous weather conditions for our jobsite?

A:  You can point to any URL and then depending on how that URL is structured you can embed variables in there so that URL will work across more than just one project.


Q:  Under project overview, project weather log and webcam are not shown in the converge admin out of the box. Do I have to create all of these from scratch and how do I know all of the information that needs to be entered into the child view if I've never done this before?

A:  In this particular example the part with the URL is very simple. It's just the two fields I mentioned. As far as creating a weather or blog etc. It's just as simple as on the
page type put in specific page, put in the URL and then choose "in same window."


Q:  In what version did the dashboard become available?

A:  We could use the dashboard with version 9.6 which came out last October (2012) 9.7 came out this July and we have 9.8 in the works now.



Browser, Operating System, and Tablet Support Questions



Q:  With the update to Converge, will users be able to access it with Safari or Google Chrome?

A:  We currently have developed Prolog to run on Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10. We know that there are other browsers and our firm is investigating which ones make sense for our customers.  So we are really allowing our customers to tell us which browsers they’re using and then we’re developing the software to meet our customer requirements. If something like Safari is important to your team, we’d love to hear that feedback so that we can get that in to our process and meet that need that you have.


Q:  What versions of Internet Explorer are supported? Is IE 10 supported in Prolog 9.7?

A:  Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 are supported.


Q:  When will Converge users be able to use Safari? And Internet Explorer 10 is now fully supported correct?
IE 10 is not tested but is fully supported.  Currently Safari is not tested but is something we are looking into and we’d love to hear feedback on how many of your users are using Safari and get an understanding of it so we can make sure we address that.


Q:  Now that support is HTML ready what is the status for Converge and other mobile platforms? Would we see an Android or Windows 8?
A:  We first developed Prolog Mobile for the iPad and the Windows tablet because that is what we saw head out into the field first. What are other devices and browsers that your firm is investing in right now?  Please let us know that information because it influences our development strategy.


Q:  We are in the process of deciding between iPads and Samsung tablets. Is there a difference between how Prolog operates with these operating systems?

A:  Today we have a native Prolog app for the iPad and a Native Prolog app for Windows 7. We don't have a native app for Samsung tablets.


Q:  When is Prolog Mobile going to work with Windows 8?

A:  Prolog Manager is officially supported on Windows 8 and Prolog Converge works on IE10. And we are testing for Windows 8.1 and IE 11.


Q:  Given the growth of BYOD in most organizations will Prolog be able to support the many and varied operating systems such as Google, Yahoo etc.? And how can we be sure that the documents posted are secure? What precautions will be necessary?
Security is controlled at the server level. That is one of the reasons you want to have people login to a system before they access information, because you have full audit capabilities and control of what they see and access. We have a very granular security system and when we set up Prolog for your organization we put in place best practices for how people access information. As far as other devices and other ways to access the system, that is a great question and we are always looking for your feedback to make sure that we’re addressing the needs of our customers and the industry.  


Q:  What kind of database is Prolog operating with?

A:  Right now it's Microsoft SQL server.



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