Vico Estimator 2009 Features & Benefits


Vico Estimator™ 2009 is a unique, 3D model-based estimating system which rapidly generates highly accurate estimates.


Model Based Estimating


Vico Estimator delivers patent-pending and award-winning technology for the integration of 3D design models with the estimating process.


Recipe-Based Estimating
Estimator is based on the ‘Recipe-based estimating’ concept, which allows you to organize all the activities (Methods) and means (Resources) that are required for building elements into smart estimating data packages.


Cost Range Estimating
Cost Range Estimating provides support for estimating and reporting the cost variances that exist in the early phases of projects. Estimator 2009 provides further support for estimating in the early phases of your project by allowing you to define Cost Ranges on the Method level. The Cost Range report will help you identify which Methods (activities) include most of the cost risk in your project.


Constructor Model Link
Tight Integration with Vico Constructor™ delivers a fast and highly accurate model-based estimating process. With Vico Estimator 2009, you can extract quantities from the Virtual Building elements. Quantities are saved by Recipe and by location, which gives your estimate accurate and detailed quantity input. The WBS selector allows users to update existing structures, or add imported information as an additional location structure.


Customizable Estimating & Scheduling System
Vico Estimator’s highly flexible environment enables you to customize your estimating content and data structure to reflect your company’s estimating and scheduling methodology and reporting standards.


Conditional Methods
Estimator’s Conditional Methods functionality provides users with estimating flexibility that results in higher estimate accuracy, without increasing the amount of estimating Recipes in the project. Recipes can contain several options for one Method; Estimator analyzes the properties for each element from the Constructor model and assigns its quantities to the Method option that has a condition matching the element’s properties. Conditional Methods can be defined on model-based content and saved to the knowledge database.


Link Multiple Models
Split your project as desired for workflow and performance requirements, and combine them in one single estimate.


Estimating Knowledge Database
Estimator’s Standard database allows you to establish a company (and/or project-type-specific) estimating knowledge database.


Report View
Communicate your schedule using the Estimator report engine. Categories and content are easy to read, thanks to banded cost reports: Categories and cost items are shown in a specific color, making it easier to recognize and interpret the cost report.


Spreadsheet Mode
With the spreadsheet mode, you can be productive from day one. Methods and Resources can be viewed and edited in an environment with a spreadsheet look and feel. In the Spreadsheet Mode, data can be updated interactively, without the need to open any dialog boxes.


Traditional Estimating


In addition to model-based estimating, Estimator also provides functionality for traditional estimating, with manually-entered quantity data.


Recipe-Based Estimate
In the Traditional estimating mode, you can pull Recipes from Estimator’s knowledge database and manually enter element quantities.


Method-Based Estimate
For activity-based estimates; Estimator features a Method-based traditional estimating mode: Manual quantity take-off data can be entered by activity. Predefined Methods can be used from the knowledge database.


Bid Packages


Define Bid Packages
Methods, Estimator’s activity-based cost entities, can be grouped in Bid Package folders as files in Windows Explorer. The quantities and estimated costs of the created Bid Packages are automatically derived from the included Methods.


Quotes View
Review and compare subcontractors’/suppliers’ quotes using Estimator’s comparison functionality; including “plugging” the highest, average, and lowest prices from other quotes.


Bid Package Project Cost Reporting
With this function, you can gradually increase the accuracy of the cost estimate until it reflects the actual subcontracted cost price for the project. When quotes are selected, the quoted price is included in the project cost estimate: The quoted price replaces the existing estimated price.


Versions and Version Management


Track changes and maintain historical data. Versions published from Constructor are logged and maintained in Estimator. This allows users to see when a version was published and if, or when, it was imported into the estimate.


Import Model Data
After starting the import function, users are presented with a list of model quantity exports. The list shows when the quantity export was created and, if it was imported into the estimate, when that was done.


Quantity Data
Quantity data of versions that are no longer in use can be removed from the database, thus helping to reduce database size.


Publish to Cost Manager


Estimator always reflects the most up-to-date status of project costs by importing the quantities from the current version of the Virtual Building model.
Support for version comparison is provided with Vico Cost Manager™: Versions of the project's cost estimate can be published in Vico Cost Manager format for comparison with previous versions and target costs.


Enhanced Export to Vico Cost Manager
Vico Estimator 2009 allows you to save more detailed cost status versions: all cost items (Recipes, Methods, and Resources) are saved by location, which can be filtered, viewed, and compared as desired in Cost Manager 2009.


Cost Tracking for Earned Value Analysis

Vico Estimator’s Cost Tracking mode allows you to enter actual cost information into the database during the construction phase. The cost tracking information is used as “Actual Cost” input for Earned Value Analysis.


Cost Tracking
Generate Earned Value Analyses in Vico 5D Presenter™ using data from Estimator's Cost Tracking mode. Milestone dates can be defined for each cost tracking marker date, and actual costs can be entered by cost type (labor, material, equipment, sub-contracted, or other).




Interactive Training Guides
Estimator 2009 includes Interactive Training Guides that enable a fast and easy learning process.