Vico Standard 5D Library


In the popular Vico Comics, we explain that putting together a building is a lot like baking a cake.  Your bill of materials is just like your ingredients list.  Each has an order and sequence of events and instructions at each stage.  To keep the analogy going, the Vico Standard 5D Library is your cookbook.


The Vico Standard 5D Library gives users a standard collection of formulas and values suitable for linking 3D building information models to Vico’s 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimating applications.  The Standard 5D Library is organized by the set of activities required to construct each building element and the sequence in which these activities are performed.  Included in the Library are average productivity rates by trade and standard formulas for deriving labor and material resource requirements. 


By combining model-derived quantities and contractor-specified unit prices with the Vico Standard 5D Library, users are able to automatically calculate task durations for project schedules and costs for project estimates.  Users can overwrite any part of the Vico Standard 5D Library with their own, proprietary data or calculation method. 


The Standard 5D Library provides:

•  Construction activity sets for over 3,000 building elements coded by CSI Uniformat
•  Formulas to derive labor and material resources for over 6,000 individual construction activities classified by CSI Masterformat 2004
•  Industry standard productivity rates and resource requirements for over 2,500 project tasks            

The Vico Standard 5D Library works in conjunction with the Vico Standard 5D Warehouse.  We call this combination the Vico Data Pack.  When using a Model Progression Specification, these two items can significantly jumpstart your project. 



Caption: The Vico Office Data Pack includes the Standard 5D Library and Standard 5D Warehouse. This predefined integration provides customers a very comprehensive estimate in a matter of minutes. Now your properly formatted BIM model is completely integrated with the properly formatted estimate. At Vico, we call the Data Pack our shortcut to full 5D BIM.


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